Sandra Foster

Sandra Foster

Managing Director, Fosters Legal
Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Notable Achievements

  • Holder of National Business Leader status since November 2016
  • Winner of Lawyer Monthly’s Child and Family Lawyer of the Year 2017, at the Women in Law Awards 2017

Sandra Foster is privileged to join the Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Sandra is a Solicitor, the founder, owner and Managing Director of Fosters Legal Solicitors, a multi-award winning, community focused law firm based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Sandra is also supervisor of the Family Law Department within the firm.

Fosters Legal Solicitors Ltd, is a community focused law firm, providing legal service in the areas of Matrimonial matters, Family Law, Immigration and Asylum Law, Employment Law, Will Writing and Equity Transfer

Career Overview

Sandra has a dual background, which helps her find an equal footing with clients from various different backgrounds in the local community. She is also buoyed by more than 12 years of experience working as a legal practitioner on complex family law cases.

She is well-versed in all aspects of Family Law and Matrimonial Matters, including child proceedings, divorce, cohabitation matters, and financial remedy proceedings, from voluntary exchange of Form E to negotiations and to settlement. Sandra’s speciality, however, is dealing in financial negotiations and financial remedy proceedings.

Thanks to Sandra’s close working relationship with other barristers’ chambers, she has developed extensive knowledge in wider law and practice and used the expertise of other firms to help develop her own.


In 2018, Sandra completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Anglia Ruskin University. She focused on the fields of Employment, Wills and Immigration to enhance her knowledge of the law and practice, with her recently acquired skills being put to good use to even further help low-income clients in the community.

Starting her own firm

Sandra decided to set up her own legal firm to help low-income clients. She said that over 13 years ago, she found it just fine to be working for a law firm in Hertfordshire. One day, however, she witnessed a potential client burst into tears during a meeting. As it turned out, they had just heard how much they would be charged for the help they were seeking. Filled with compassion and emotion, Sandra decided to become the go-to expert for people who needed a lawyer but could barely afford it due to financial hardship.

Starting out on her own, she founded a community-based organisation later that year. She set it up as a charity organisation. She then walked into one of the community centres helping women with

domestic abuse in Stevenage and introduced herself. She handed out leaflets and placed adverts on shop windows.

It was a struggle at the beginning, but as people became more aware of the organisation, Sandra became more confident of helping the community. As time passed by, other lawyers and social workers were recommending the organisation to people who struggled to pay their standard fee. Sandra herself said at the time: “Word of mouth, dedication and your commitment to help always works”.

As for keeping motivated, Sandra is candid in admitting that there were, of course, some days harder than the others, “but committing to the work and helping others” is what she loves to do. Clients have borne witness to this commitment and dedication throughout Sandra’s legal career. Indeed, the conference room can often be found full of thank you cards from clients, with Fosters Legal having so frequently gone the extra mile to help. For Sandra, these are the moments she feels the commitment and dedication to the community are worth it.

Fosters Legal, according to Sandra, is currently running to its greatest level of success. Sandra now holds the status of National Business Leader to help local businesses. The trophy and certificate verifying this accolade was presented to her in the House of Commons on November 11, 2016. She has also been awarded Child and Family Lawyer of the Year 2017 by Lawyer Monthly, Women in Law Awards 2017. Due to her dedication and commitment to the community, she was invited to participate in The Parliamentary Review into best practice in the legal field.

Fosters Legal’s involvement in the community is more to do with Sandra’s determination to help the youth in the community. This is why the firm is currently providing placements and work experiences for youth in the local schools. Sandra recognises well that it is difficult to get onto placements in law firms, with many applicants either receiving no response or a response with some brief comments.

Sandra’s “secret” to success

When asked to explain the secret of her success, Sandra simply said that she is certain everyone has their own success stories to tell, but that her own was this: if you have determination, perseverance, hope and not giving up no matter how dark the cloud looks over you, then you can achieve anything.

Advocate of work/life balance

Sandra speaks highly of the importance of the work/life balance for both herself and her colleagues. She is the first to admit her own role can be very stressful, but what she has learned to do is try her very best to enjoy every minute of the time she has with family, since life is too shirt.

Sandra once said: “You may go to work, shopping, or dinner out one day, and never return. I enjoy walking, playing squash and normally have a game with my husband. Bless him!”

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  • To conduct my affairs not just for the benefit of my own organisation but for the benefit of my sector and country at large.

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