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NEWS | Published January 26th 2022, 11:11 am

IMF predicts slower UK and global economic growth than previously thought

The International Monetary Fund [IMF] has said that the UK economy is set to grow more slowly in 2022 than previous forecasts had suggested.

NEWS | Published January 25th 2022, 5:00 pm

Metropolitan Police to launch probe into Covid rule breaches in Downing Street

The Metropolitan Police has said that it will launch its own investigation into parties that were held in Downing Street during the Covid-19 pandemic, when social restrictions in place at the time prohibited such gatherings.

NEWS | Published January 25th 2022, 4:04 pm

Becketts’ latest award indicative that business is getting behind the UK’s Armed Forces

Hospitality business Becketts, a hotel and restaurant based in Southsea, Portsmouth, has been honoured with a Bronze Award of the Armed Forces Covenant.

NEWS | Published January 25th 2022, 12:00 am

Johnson calls prospect of Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘disastrous’ as NATO deploys more resources eastward

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would be a “disastrous step”, after the Foreign Office withdrew part of its embassy staff workforce from the country.

NEWS | Published January 24th 2022, 5:05 pm

Lord Agnew resigns over government’s handling of Covid Bounce Back Loan fraud

Lord Agnew has resigned from his role as a minister for the Treasury after criticising the government’s handling of fraudulent applications for Covid Bounce Back Loan fraud.

NEWS | Published January 24th 2022, 12:12 pm

Application deadline looms for the Royal College of Podiatry's 2022 Leadership Programme

Applications for the Royal College of Podiatry’s [RCPod] annual Leadership Programme are currently open, with a deadline of February 4 set to register one’s interest for the 2022 course.

NEWS | Published January 24th 2022, 12:12 pm

Stronger Covid restrictions in Scotland over Christmas were justified, says Sturgeon

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that it has been “worth it” to impose harsher social restrictions in the country over the festive period to curb coronavirus transmission, despite the “very adverse” effects these have had on the hospitality sector and other businesses.

NEWS | Published January 23rd 2022, 10:10 am

YMCA Derbyshire chief hopeful that Covid can pave the way for social inequalities to be addressed

As we look to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic as a country, Gillian Sewell, CEO of YMCA Derbyshire, is optimistic that the general public will now look at social inequalities such as poverty in a new light, paving the way for positive change that will elevate the social status of many.

NEWS | Published January 23rd 2022, 10:10 am

BP Legal Solicitors boss believes flexibility has its place in the working practices of the future

It is without doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to embrace flexible working and there are no signs that this is going to cease in the post-Covid world.

NEWS | Published January 22nd 2022, 1:01 pm

Covid-19 brings harsh challenges but also positives for Warings Furniture

For decades, furniture manufacturer Warings Furniture in Norfolk has been the preferred supplier of interior and exterior furniture to leading hospitality groups in the UK and internationally.

NEWS | Published January 22nd 2022, 7:03 am

Mitchell Meredith: State pension claimants to feel the pinch of cost-of-living crisis as Bank says rates will rise again

Pensions and pension savers have come under pressure from several factors over recent years, with those saving for retirement now having to consider a range of challenges.

NEWS | Published January 21st 2022, 12:12 pm

“Just go for it” JustAccounts Ltd boss says to hopeful entrepreneurs on forming their own businesses

Channelling his own experiences establishing a business, JustAccounts Ltd director Barry Florida-James issues a rallying call to young entrepreneurs dreaming of setting up their own firms, urging them to "go for it".

NEWS | Published January 21st 2022, 11:11 am

“Seek first to understand before being understood”: The art and science of listening in the age of empathetic leadership

Positive Psychology and Leadership Consultant Charlotte Wiseman takes apart the principle of “seeking first to understand before being understood”, essentially “listening”, which Stephen Covey once said was the most critical principle in making interpersonal communication work to the maximum.

NEWS | Published January 21st 2022, 10:10 am

IncomeMax founder determined to enforce changes in DWP after touching case study on live show

Despite Lee Healey's vast experience helping thousands of households manage their finances through his role at IncomeMax, a recent encounter on live television would strengthen his resolve to help those in need even further.

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