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NEWS | Published January 15th 2021, 10:10 am

NAADUK advises on higher grade masks and the need for ventilation hygiene to limit airborne spread of Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic has wore on and more knowledge has been sourced about the virus and how it is transmitted, The National Association of Air Duct Specialists UK [NAADUK] has been advising its members and others on how to limit the airborne spread of the disease as much as possible.

NEWS | Published January 14th 2021, 3:03 pm

Leadership Round-up: Norland College introduce mindfulness course, Wytheshawe Forum turns to solar power and Ascentis support remote learning

In today's leadership round-up organisations are looking to improve their own lives, those of the future and those of people around them. There are a number of ways to support healthy living in mind & body. By understanding self, looking after the planet for future generations or supporting learners during a global pandemic the organisations involved are all showcasing outstanding leadership values.

NEWS | Published January 14th 2021, 2:02 pm

“There is already talk of all our sector having to stop” says PDK Shellfish boss as fears over post-Brexit trading conditions materialise

In the lead-up to Christmas, The Leaders Council heard from PDK Shellfish managing director Paul Knight, who warned that new post-Brexit regulations governing the export of live produce to the EU had the potential to do significant damage to the industry. With a fortnight having passed since the end of the transition period, the sector is facing such intense teething problems with the new system that it is already weighing-up the prospect of temporarily halting, or worse.

NEWS | Published January 13th 2021, 1:01 pm

Early problems for post-Brexit supply chain confirm business leaders' fears

In the September of 2019, Skender Perpepa, founder of building and contracting firm SA Builders and Contractors, spoke of his concerns about the impact of Brexit on the import of materials for the construction sector and how the supply chain may be affected. Following reports already this year that post-Brexit red tape has hit the haulage industry, with supply trucks stranded across the continent, Perpepa’s fears and those of many other business leaders who rely on free trade with Europe may well be realised without the appropriate intervention.

NEWS | Published January 13th 2021, 11:11 am

Sionic accelerates its strategic ambition, announcing ‘pace-setter’ Mark Humphries as its new Chairman

Specialist financial services consulting firm Sionic has announced the appointment of Mark Humphries as its new Chairman.

NEWS | Published January 12th 2021, 1:10 pm

Johnson Controls welcomes Brexit trade deal but warns of issues around fire safety certification

Johnson Controls offers a complete portfolio of products and services around fire safety and building safety. The company is concerned that UK certification bodies will not be ready in time to approve the UK CA mark by 2022.

NEWS | Published January 12th 2021, 1:01 pm

The General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Ken Muir says that the education sector must learn lessons from the past to thrive post-Covid

Across a long, seasoned career in Scottish education, The General Teaching Council for Scotland’s chief executive, Ken Muir, has seen more than most. He has been actively involved as a teacher, Principal Teacher, Education Adviser, HMI and Strategic Director in numerous national developments. Looking back and reflecting on 2020, a year unlike any other for education and indeed society, Muir believes that to thrive in a new post-Covid world which will have compassion, equality and sustainability at its heart, the sector must be prepared to learn the lessons of the past and change the status quo for the better.

NEWS | Published January 11th 2021, 3:33 pm

Total QSR sponsor Rugby Union player Taulup Faletau

Total QSR, have announced that they are sponsoring Taulupe Faletau of Bath Rugby, Wales and the British & Irish Lions.

NEWS | Published January 11th 2021, 2:02 pm

FlyResearch poll: week 41 update

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, London based online market research agency FlyResearch had been issuing weekly polls to its research panel of over 3000 people, in order to project how the outbreak and the implementing of social distancing and various other restrictions has impacted the daily life of UK citizens.

NEWS | Published January 10th 2021, 2:02 pm

Andrew Clowes, Headteacher of Hey With Zion Primary School, on dealing with the latest lockdown and lack of clarity from the DfE

Andrew Clowes,headteacher of Hey With Zion primary school located in Oldham, Lancashire, speaks about his experiences of dealing with the latest lockdown and how the DfE keeps moving the goalposts.

NEWS | Published January 10th 2021, 1:01 pm

NSF International makes Global Trust Certification acquisition

Public health and safety organisation NSF International has recently announced the acquisition of Global Trust Certification Ltd, an Irish company specialising in seafood certification, in an undisclosed deal.

NEWS | Published January 9th 2021, 2:02 pm

Leaders in their own words: Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Sadiq Khan

With 2021 only its first full week it seems that the overriding sense of chaos from 2020 isn’t going anywhere. With the UK dealing with the fallout of a 3rd national lockdown, adapting to Brexit and the announcement that all travellers to the UK will need have a negative Covid test before arrival. It is a good thing that we are no longer constrained by print column inches otherwise there would have been no room left to look at the ongoing crisis of democracy in the USA. It is only fitting that we hear from our leaders from both sides of the Atlantic as we move into the 2nd week of January.

NEWS | Published January 9th 2021, 1:01 pm

UKHospitality chief calls on chancellor to deliver longer-term economic certainty for stricken sector

While many businesses will be relieved by chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement of further financial support this week, the hospitality industry has warned that more action is needed to ensure longer-term viability.

NEWS | Published January 8th 2021, 11:03 am

LEADERSHIP ROUND-UP: OBE for Upturn Enterprise boss, improvements to customer services at MET, RJB Financial Services chief criticises latest lockdown

Our latest leadership round-up brings news of an OBE for a BAME business leader, a string of organisational changes at Medical Engineering Technologies to improve customer service, and a financial planner disgruntled by the government’s decision to implement a third national lockdown in England.

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NEWS | Published January 11th 2021, 3:33 pm

Total QSR sponsor Rugby Union player Taulup Faletau

NEWS | Published January 11th 2021, 2:02 pm

FlyResearch poll: week 41 update

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