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Jonathan Craig WrightIn Conversation

Jonathan Craig Wright is a director at Clearwell Mine Management Ltd, the entity which controls the Clearwell Caves tourist attraction in the Forest of Dean.

Clearwell Caves was first opened to the public in 1968 by Jonathan’s father, Ray Wright, who remained involved with the business until he passed away in 2015. Jonathan had worked with his father to develop the business over many years, becoming registered as a Freeminer in 1981 and helping run the company full-time from 1984.

In Conversation

Xi Bing Ang (Left) and Rory Sweeney (Right) are both senior directors at Simon-Kucher and Partners, a global consulting firm specialising in TopLine Power®, which encompasses strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales.

In Conversation
Vicky BeereIn Conversation

Vicky Beere is the Chief Executive of Project 6, a charity working across Keighley, West Yorks and Sheffield, with people, families and communities affected by substance use and multiple complex needs.

In Conversation
David BlyIn Conversation

David Bly is the operations director of Cornerstone Management Services, a provider of unique effective claim solutions, property damage investigations and training.

David is a vastly experienced business leader, with expert knowledge in the damage, mitigation and restoration services industries. He has held his role at Cornerstone since 2009, having previously spent three years heading up operations for Disaster Care.

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The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a network of the most influential figures from across the country. It champions and celebrates the hard work and achievements of Great British leaders, while seeking to inspire the next generation.

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