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  • A wiki-style biography page that will appear on the first page of search engine results for your name. This can be updated at any time to reflect changes within your career, the business and wider industry.
  • A ‘Leaders Council’ digital badge that can be easily embedded onto websites, email signatures and letterheads. This badge is a sign to the business community of the bearer's commitment to honesty and high standards.
  • An invitation, at least once a year, to take part in our influential leadership podcast. This is our starting point, where you can currently book in to be in a podcast alongside either Lord Blunkett, Sir Geoff Hurst or Sir Andrew Strauss, discussing leadership.
  • Be included in our sector-specific news coverage, where we cover all the key stories related to our members.

In order to join The Leaders Council, you need to hold a leadership position and you need to be committed to sharing your expertise in order to unearth the leadership potential in others.

To express your interest, please call 0203 627 3853 or fill in the form below.

Please note that while certain non-members are invited to appear on our podcast, this is strictly on an invite-only basis. We do not consider unsolicited approaches to appear on the podcast.

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