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Our podcast features CEOs, directors, MPs and other notable leadership figures.

We put out regular podcasts with business leaders, politicians and other influential figures. Leaders Council members are invited to take part and have their voice heard by the people who shape Britain’s future. The podcast is available on all the major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

Featured Podcast

In Conversation
Adam NorsworthyIn Conversation

Adam Norsworthy is the Managing Director of Fusion Telecom, company which supplies secure telecom and payment services (www.PayGuard.co) to business and contact centres.

Under Adam Norsworthy’s leadership, Fusion Telecom has developed the next generation phone payments application using secure payments technology, known as PayGuard®, which for two years in succession won the awards for ‘Best Payment Technology’ and ‘Best Business Payments Solution’.

Featured Leadership Talks

In Conversation
Dave RadleyIn Conversation

Dave Radley is owner of DMR Training & Consultancy following a successful tenure at CITB/Cskills Awards. Radley has overseen the company’s considerable growth since its foundation in 2013.

DMR Training & Consultancy specialise in the construction industry, delivering qualifications ranging from level one to level seven including NVQs, Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

In Conversation

David Agar is a highly experienced tech sector entrepreneur specialising in creating value and scaling innovative and disruptive businesses in the UK, EU and US. He started Ability Bank in May 2020, his fifth start-up business, to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

John Gibson is solicitor and managing director at Aventus Law, a legal practice which specialises in business law, property law matters, dispute resolution and contractual matters, estate planning, and disputed probate and estates.

In Conversation
Elizabeth WrigleyIn Conversation

Elizabeth Wrigley is an urban designer and owner of Core Connections, a design practice which bringa together consultation, urban design and master-planning to help owners, developers and communities realise their visions and strategies.

As an urban designer, she has also had experience working with Kent County Council advising the local authority’s property group. Between 2001 and 2004, Elizabeth was the principal of the Civic Trust Regeneration Unit.

In Conversation
Simon FrancIn Conversation

Simon Franc is the founder and CEO of Forensic Equity Limited, Quatervois Group and Anatomap Limited.

Anatomap is a technology start-up focused on the development of technology for law enforcement.

Their first App, “Injury Capture”, is designed to allow users to quickly and accurately record the injuries suffered by a victim of crime. In using the application, users are helping to provide valuable and robust evidence which the police can then use to swiftly investigate the crime and prosecute those responsible.

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