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Dave Radley is owner of DMR Training & Consultancy following a successful tenure at CITB/Cskills Awards. Radley has overseen the company’s considerable growth since its foundation in 2013.

DMR Training & Consultancy specialise in the construction industry, delivering qualifications ranging from level one to level seven including NVQs, Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Dave Radley is the owner of DMR Training & Consultancy, a construction training provider.

Career Overview

Dave Radley is the owner of DMR Training & Consultancy. Following a successful tenure at CITB/Cskills Awards and having garnered several years of experience in the work-based learning sector, Radley decided to set up his own company to offer qualifications from Level 2 to Level 6.

Since its 2013 establishment, Radley's business DMR Training & Consultancy has gone from strength to strength, enjoying considerable growth and continuing to develop in line with industry requirements. 

In April 2020, Radley appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the role it has played in his career to date.


Radley is an alumnus of the University of Bolton. He graduated in 2011, with a Professional Diploma in Education.

Earlier Career

Prior to his university studies and establishing his own business, Radley worked as a plasterer and dry liner with Triline Plastering Contractors from 1998 to 2006. He then moved on to Manchester-based Skills Solutions, where he worked as an Assessor, Tutor and Training Consultant, before taking the position of Quality Lead in 2010. His role revolved around quality assurance within the construction sector to ensure compliance with various regulatory bodies.

Radley left Skills Solutions in 2012, spending one year working with CITB/CSkills Awards as an External Quality Advisor. In the role, he provided regular support to training providers and colleges to ensure that they were compliant with the requirements of awarding organisations. He left in 2013 to launch his own business, which became DMR Training & Consultancy.

Listen to Dave Radley's Leaders Council podcast.

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DMR Training and Consultancy founder talks the fundamentals of running a successful business

News | Published March 2nd 2022, 10:13 am

Businessman Dave Radley has overseen considerable growth within his company, DMR Training & Consultancy, since establishing it to provide construction qualifications in 2013. Appearing on The Leaders Council Podcast, Radley shared his motivations for building a company of his own, and some of the key lessons he had learnt from the experience which can help other entrepreneurs on the road to success. Read more →

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