LEADERSHIP ROUNDUP: A discussion on the complexities of remote working, a new project, and new partnerships

Published by Scott Challinor on September 20th 2020, 8:04am

This morning's leadership roundup sees Sionic managing partner Xavier Pujos address the challenges of transitioning to remote working, while Hardy Signs turned over a new project within a two-day window and there was more good news for the Ski Club of Great Britain as it announced four new discount partnerships for its members.


Sionic managing partner Xavier Pujos featured in the September 2020 edition of Banque et Strategie, where he discussed the complexities for investment banks which have been forced to pivot from secure trading environments toward remote working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pujos said: “The problems caused by the coronavirus are particularly complex for trading rooms, which are subject to strict rules of reporting, control and ethics.

“For financial institutions, the abrupt transition from a closed work organisation, in which employees all operate in an office or a series of offices scattered around the world, to an open environment, in which everyone works from their home, created constraints and a number of problems that had not been anticipated by traditional Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery plans.”

Hardy Signs

Ahead of this week’s EFL Cup Round 2 fixture between Burton Albion and Aston Villa football clubs which was played out on Tuesday, the Hardy Signs team was present at Burton’s Pirelli Stadium to install new pitch-side signage.

To meet the deadline, more than 60 square metres of printed signage was designed, manufactured and installed in a two-day window.

The designs were printed directly from Correx using the most up to date UV technology. This lightweight and rigid material bends upon impact as opposed to shattering, which reduced the risk of injury to players when they spill over the sidelines and collide with advertising hoardings.

The signage will have been seen by Sky Sports viewers across the country who tuned in to watch the fixture, in which visitors Aston Villa ran out 3-1 winners.

It is just the latest project that Hardy Signs has carried out for the club, as part of a continuing relationship and sponsorship which has now lasted for 25 years.

The Ski Club of Great Britain

The Ski Club of Great Britain has announced four new preferred partners for the 2020/21 winter seasons.

The new partners include Snow+Rock, Ski Set, New Generation, and Ski Lifts, who will all be offering exclusive discounts and deals to the club’s members.

The partnerships are the latest piece of positive news for the Ski Club of Great Britain, to add to the findings of its eighth consumer research survey which were recently published.

The survey enables the club to track the current trends in UK snow sports.

The headline finding was that 95 per cent of the more than 19,000 respondents who took part suggested that they would go skiing next season, with four per cent of the remaining five per cent saying they would look to do so the following year.

The news that consumer appetite for a winter holiday in 2021 will come as a major boost to the industry, despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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September 20th 2020, 8:04am

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