LEADERSHIP ROUNDUP: DRP Group speaks up for events sector, Flexi Coventry reveals charitable giving, and Forensic Equity comes in for praise

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on November 21st 2020, 2:02pm

Our latest leadership roundup brings news of an impassioned call to arms for the government to help the UK’s vital events and exhibitions industry, a raft of praise for one of the UK’s leading independent forensic science services, and an inspiring display of charitable giving.

DRP Group’s Dale Parmenter speaks up for events sector

The government is failing to recognise one of the most important sectors of the UK economy. That’s the verdict of Dale Parmenter, the founder of global creative communications agency, DRP Group. Speaking exclusively to The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Parmenter made the point that the UK’s events and exhibitions industry is larger than automotive or telecoms, yet in the midst of the Covid pandemic it has received a fraction of the attention.

‘Every industry sector relies on business events for promoting their products, motivating their employees or generating consumer sales,’ he said. ‘The impact the events sector has on the UK economy is staggering and runs into Trillions. Yet the UK looks to be the last country on the globe to open up this industry, we are in danger moving from a world leader for our creativity and event management to a poor relation and other countries take advantage.

‘If the Government wants to re-ignite the economy, the only way it will do this effectively is to open up the events sector. And from a safety point of view the events world is well-versed in managing, communicating and tracking huge numbers of people safely, something maybe the Government should have recognised and looked to for support.’

DRP Group started life in 1980, making small semi-commercial films as DRP Films. In the forty years since then, it has grown to encompass a team of over 350 people, spread across seven UK locations, with the largest and most comprehensive corporate communication complex in the UK.

Flexi Coventry provides charity at home and abroad

Felix Marufu’s Flexi Coventry has been continuing its charitable traditions. The firm’s yearly events, which take place in Coventry, and include family-focussed activities, have raised money to fund the building of essential projects in areas such as rural Zimbabwe.

The events, which include a mixture of football and music, have become a key fixture in the Coventry calendar.

Flexi Coventry itself is an organisation that provides care assistant staff for temporary placements to NHS Trusts, private hospitals, registered nursing/residential homes, learning disability homes, individual clients and other healthcare providers seeking agency nursing.

Since 2013, Flexi has also been providing specialised quality health care to service users in their own homes.

Forensic Equity comes in for praise

Forensic Equity, one of the UK's largest providers of independent forensic science services, has come in for a raft of praise for its recent work.

The organisation, which is led by Simon Franc and has offices based in London, Wokingham, Warrington and Cambridge, has a well established reputation for making sure that justice is done, which has only been enhanced by these recent commendations.

A barrister from Furnival Chambers praised the Forensic Equity team for their ‘amazing efforts, work and speed with which [they] attended to the various queries that arose during the trial, adding that, ‘after only 4 hours, the jury unanimously acquitted ‘M’ and convicted the co-defendant.’

A solicitor at Linskills was similarly effusive in their praise, stating, ‘Forensic Equity have greatly assisted us, our clients, and the courts, in a large number of complex cases. Their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable and they are the very definition of expert witnesses.’

The series of recommendations was capped pff by Stuart Miller Solicitors, who said, ‘Forensic Equity are always available to assist at short notice and always provide a prompt response to queries. Their professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff are efficient, effective and reliable and we have no hesitation in recommending Forensic Equity to others.’

This smorgasbord of kind words will no doubt serve as a huge confidence boost to everyone at Forensic Equity as they continue with their essential work.

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