Aonyx helps deliver new purpose-built entertainment area at premium London apartments

Published by Rhys Taylor-Brown on June 12th 2021, 10:05am

Smart home installation specialists Aonyx are celebrating the completion of another high-profile project, this time coming at The Dumont apartments on Albert Embankment, set by the River Thames within the city of London.

Priced at £7.8 million per apartment, The Dumont now comes complete with a Control4-powered entertainment area courtesy of Aonyx, so that the build can provide the luxury entertainment experience fit for its residents.

With the new entertainment zone built into The Dumont's basement area, Aonyx provided a professional-grade Pakedge system to guarantee plenty of Wi-Fi bandwidth for users and ensure the smooth running of the audio-visual systems that bring it all to life. The Wi-Fi is run through a Ruckus system to provide a robust wireless network that is not prone to interruption.

Such Wi-Fi support is necessary, for the completed entertainment area boasts an 18-seater home cinema area, a bowling alley and a billiard room.

Upon completion of the project, Aonyx managing director Richard Reid [pictured] was delighted with his company’s handiwork in delivering on the project brief once more.

Speaking to Hiddenwires magazine, Reid commented: “The top end of London’s residential real estate market is in a bit of an arms race to provide high-net worth individuals with customised living experiences, and centrepiece amenities like this incredible movie theatre make a statement to potential buyers.

“Every detail matters here, from colour-matched custom-painted grilles for the Triad Platinum Series in-ceiling speakers to the hand-built projector enclosure. The most important thing, however, is that the room and system is always reliable and easy to use, and that’s why we chose to install Control4 over other automation and media distribution systems.”

The Control4 system deployed in the entertainment area - through which everything runs - allows residents simple but complete control of the whole zone, from the theatre through to the bowling alley and billiards room.

Control4 can easily be used through mobile devices or custom-built remotes to quickly start-up or shut down the whole entertainment area, select specific films or music, and set speaker volume in each room. The Triad Platinum speakers used for the audio have been discreetly built into walls and ceilings throughout the entertainment area and can even be set to play different audio in different rooms.

For additional discretion, Aonyx used painted-in ceiling speakers throughout, as well as installing acoustics in the cinema room to allow for an experience akin to that in a commercial cinema setting.

For the cinema space, the project brief requested an immersive cinema fit for the calibre of residents at the new development, and all aspects from design to construction catered for these requirements.

The immersive experience was achieved via the installation of 14 Triad Platinum speakers, and the projector was discretely mounted into a custom-built joinery unit to blend it into its surroundings.

Aonyx operations director Oliver Benson said: “We managed to back-end the projector into a custom-built joinery unit at the back of the room, and every last detail and every corner was thought through.”

Aonyx installation staff also integrated Kaleidescape players into the set-up to allow property management staff to offer a custom selection of titles, while Apple TVs offer residents the opportunity to stream their own content, even through subscriptions streaming sites.

Benson added: “In buildings like this, the goal is to ensure residents can live carefree and not have to trouble themselves with details or procedures of building functions. All the hidden technology in these rooms presents an out-of-sight, out-of-mind experience that provides all the benefits of top-shelf tech with none of the headaches. The property managers are even planning to offer new film screenings, private events and potentially offer the space for booking to outside parties.”

The bowling alley and billiards room are both equipped with TVs linked to the Control4 system, which can either display and play their own content or share a video stream with the cinema area.

For residents who want to use any of the individual rooms in the new entertainment area, bookings can be made through a purpose-built digital reservation system.

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Rhys Taylor-Brown
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June 12th 2021, 10:05am

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