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John Gibson

Managing Director / Solicitor


Aventus Law

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David Agar is a highly experienced tech sector entrepreneur specialising in creating value and scaling innovative and disruptive businesses in the UK, EU and US. He started Ability Bank in May 2020, his fifth start-up business, to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

John Gibson is solicitor and managing director at Aventus Law, a legal practice which specialises in business law, property law matters, dispute resolution and contractual matters, estate planning, and disputed probate and estates.

It is with great pride that I join The Leaders Council, from August 2021. During my working week, I combine my role of a solicitor with that of directing the business of Aventus Law, a firm of solicitors with a national presence based in Leeds.

I have a drive to try to help people, and I shall be proud to uphold the Principles of The Leaders Council as set out within the Charter, most particularly to commit to making a positive social impact and to conduct my affairs not just for the benefit of my own work but rather for the benefit of the sector and the country at large. 

I believe that with a positive outlook on life and with hard work, we can all achieve great things together and provide a solid base for the happiness, success and contentment for our children, and generations to come.

I am most proud to be a family man and the majority of my time whilst not in work I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters, and my family generally.

Career Overview

2012 - present: managing director and solicitor at Aventus Law, helping individuals and businesses with various legal services. As a solicitor I help people achieve positive outcomes and solve problems, working as a specialist in business law, on property law matters (disputes and transactions), in dispute resolution and contractual matters, in estate planning, disputed probate / estates.

Currently also running Mediation Works UK and performing civil, commercial and interpersonal mediation services. I enjoy bringing people together for win-win outcomes in working as an accredited mediator.

In addition, I am co-running Aventus Training & Consultancy alongside my good friend Kevin Aspin, providing continuing professional development and personal development training.

Formerly a director of Drenched Limited, an innovative water-saving technology new start-up company, which won the Pitch at the Palace Award in 2016.

2002 - 2012: equity partner and solicitor at Bailey & Haigh Solicitors, helping individuals and businesses with various legal services.


Featured in the 2019 'Law and Justice' edition of The Parliamentary Review as a best practice representative.

I was recognised for my mission, vision and philosophy based upon the principles of caring and helping people and working in a co-operative manner.


I have been the recipient of many awards and accolades over the years and have many achievements of which to be proud; including an award for helping young persons in the legal profession.

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Charter of Principles

  • To treat all colleagues, customers and clients with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  • To make every conceivable effort to deal exclusively with organisations and individuals of repute.
  • To commit, wherever possible, to making a positive social and environmental impact.
  • To do everything in my power to keep colleagues, customers and clients safe.
  • To conduct my affairs not just for the benefit of my own organisation but for the benefit of my sector and country at large.

John Gibson has committed to The Leaders Council Charter of Principles

It is Leaders Council policy to suspend or permanently remove any individual who we discover to be flouting these principles.

If you have reason to believe any of our members are not adhering to the principles, please contact us at

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