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Anoma Radkevitch is the Director of Lady Flora, a Sandhurst based Florist.

Anoma Radkevitch is an independent international development consultant and director of Lady Flora, a Sandhurst based florist, and Bloomsbury Flowers florist based in Covent Garden.

Career Overview

A proud Sri Lankan-British businesswoman, Anoma Radkevitch has worked as an independent sustainable development leader since 2012, training & advising on policy and governance and researching and analysing development aid. Anoma's other areas of expertise include election monitoring and supervising having worked with Wokingham Borough Council and Bracknell Forest Council, enterprise and SME development and strategic gender equality planning.                                                                                                                                       

Anoma joined full-service florist Lady Flora in 2014, having previously served as director of women and peace charity RealiseWomen. During her days as head of the charity, Anoma worked with mental health charities and women’s centres across the UK and helped develop worldwide programmes. She also held seminars for International Women’s Day in 2017 and 2018.

To date, Anoma directs three other companies on a part-time basis, including online speciality Italian foods store Il Mercato Italia, online jewellery store Elustre, and residential property acquisition, rental and management company Glad Homes. She took up the directorship of Bloomsbury Flowers in July 2022 after the previous owners handed the company to her.

In August 2020, Anoma appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on her career to date.

1990s and early career

Educated at the University of Edinburgh and holding an M.Phil in Philosophy and Development Studies from Brighton’s Institute of Development Studies, Anoma's early career began in the Philippines in 1994, with a paid internship at the Asian Development Bank. She then spent six months with Asian Women’s Human Rights Council in Manila as an advocacy officer and actively took part in lobbying at UN seminars.

After spending a brief time conducting field research in Nepal for HELVETAS Swiss Interco-operation, Anoma then spent a year working with Sahaja International developing and implementing advocacy strategy, and consulting on participatory methodologies with the International Institute for Environment and Development. Brief stints in 1996 with the Women’s Environmental Network and OSCE followed, where Anoma worked as a campaign assistant and election supervisor respectively. With the latter, she oversaw and monitored elections in the Republika Srpska region of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

From mid-1996 to early 1997, Anoma then undertook work in Belarus, working on its first development co-operation report and helping train local government officials to incorporate concepts of sustainable development into their policy making through written manuals.

Following her work in Belarus, Anoma worked as a marketing assistant for Nortel for the majority of 1997, before becoming a research assistant for the Commonwealth Secretariat in 1998, providing desk-based research support to evaluation studies carried out by the Strategic Planning & Evaluation Unit.

Journey into directorship

Anoma spent the years 2000-2002 working with as a customer services administrator and later as a database analyst. In 2002, she then made her first steps into the entrepreneurial world by taking on her own traditional tearoom business, The Crooked House of Windsor. She remained a director of the business until 2015.

During her period in charge of the tearoom, Anoma commenced her independent consultancy career and took over the running of Lady Flora by becoming business owner in 2016. It has since earned the accolade of Florist of the Year.

Anoma’s directorship of Glad Homes began in 2018, with Elustre and Il Mercato Italia joining her portfolio of companies in 2020.

Listen to Anoma Radkevitch's Leaders Council podcast.

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Sri-Lankan British businesswoman and Leaders Council member, Anoma Radkevitch, is the newly appointed director of Bloomsbury Flowers, a 28-year-old florist based in London’s Covent Garden.Read more →

Lady Flora celebrates back-to-back Prestige Awards successes

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Sandhurst-based florist Lady Flora is honoured to have been recognised for its excellence in the floristry industry, having won the Berkshire Florist of the Year accolade at the CorporateLiveWire South England Prestige Awards for the second consecutive year.Read more →

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