Sarco Stopper approaches its 150th anniversary

Published by Leaders Council on September 20th 2021, 8:08am

Founded in 1877, Sarco Stopper maintains a worldwide reputation for innovative line stopping and bypass solutions to this day, having expanded rapidly since 2007 following a management buyout.

Based in Broxburn, Scotland, Sarco Stopper has produced under pressure stopper bags for over 40 years, while also pioneering theHydro Stopper Bags to deploy with the award win­ning WASK Aquastop and Hydrant Wizardpipeline isolation equipment for water mains.

Following a management buyout in 2007, Sarco Stopper made a commitment to making significant annual investment in technical and design activities, with the objective to deliver growth and diversification of product applications and increased market opportunities in the water distribution sector.

Leakage control and maintaining customer supply are now key objectives for the firm in the UK and other international markets.

It moved to a larger, more modern factory in 2012 and since 2017, the company has employed another 25 people and turns over around £3 million. 

The company's profile and reputation for innovative engineering solutions has been enhanced since, with export sales rising up to 45 per cent of total sales.

Sarco Stopper is audited by BSI twice a year to cover the company’s dedication to its quality policy that will ensure that its products and services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times.

"We are at the forefront of innovative designs that allow traditional gas distribution under pressure flow stopping and bypass technology to be utilised in the water sector, by delivering Aquastop, Hydrant Wizard and Arctic Driver solutions," managing director Bill Menzies wrote in a recent edition of The Parliamentary Review.

"The use of inflatable stoppers for under pressure repair and improvements to gas distribution mains in the UK and other countries has been established since the early 1970s, and we are a market leader in the manufacture of the Resistra gas stoppers. We are the only company to ever hold a BSI Kitemark product quality licence, complying to the relevant UK gas industry standard GISE4 2013."

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