Lexacom launches latest voice-to-text product Cabolo

Published by Will Dodds on September 14th 2021, 12:10pm

Digital dictation software provider Lexacom has launched its latest product, Cabolo, a new addition to the firm's voice-to-text portfolio.

Able to transcribe conversations using AI speech recognition technology with complete security, Cabolo is a standalone unit that does not require access to the internet in order to function.

The small device can accurately and efficiently transcribe conversations, ideal for meetings and interviews.

Cabolo can transcribe conversations in multiple languages, while external files can be uploaded to Cabolo for rapid transcription.

The device can also be integrated into Lexacom's existing conferencing equipment for use in board rooms or lecture halls.

“Cabolo has the potential to revolutionise how conversations are documented. There are no limits to its application; from the HR meeting to the board meeting, from the university lecture to the courtroom” said Dr Andrew Whiteley, managing director of Lexacom.

“With Cabolo, Lexacom are now in a unique position to offer the full range of speech technology solutions, whether it be at home, on the move or in the workplace. Cabolo offers an extension to our capabilities that no other company in the UK can claim, bringing world leading AI speech recognition technology to everyone, in any context."

More than 20 years after Whitely founded Lexacom, the firm has earned 4,000 customers and tens of thousands of users.

It now serves three continents, while retaining its stern focus on addressing the needs of the user, who does not have time to transcribe lengthy conversations.

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Will Dodds
Senior Journalist
September 14th 2021, 12:10pm

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