LEADERSHIP ROUNDUP: GTC Scotland opposes Internal Market Bill, Kidz Kabin offers discounts, Footprints Learning for Life in awards haul, Talltrees champion environment

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 30th 2020, 11:11am

Our latest leadership roundup brings news of a raft of awards for a Hartlepool-based nursery, discounted fees for parents in North London, an environmentalism push in Frome, and opposition to the Internal Market Bill in Scotland.

GTC Scotland urge teachers and parents to support amendments to Internal Market Bill

The General Teaching Council for Scotland has written to teachers in Scotland urging them to contact their local MPs about the Internal Market Bill, amid concerns that the bill will lead to a ‘watering down’ of the teaching profession in Scotland.

Ken Muir, Chief Executive and Registrar of GTC Scotland said, ‘The Bill means that GTC Scotland would seem to be expected to give full registration to teachers from any of the jurisdictions in the UK, irrespective if they are highly qualified or unqualified.

‘Our key concern about the Bill is the extent to which current registered teachers, users of the education system and parents would feel that would be watering down the teaching profession in Scotland. Entry to our Register is predicated on a high standard of qualification, with the 76,600 people on our register having gone through tough times in gaining a degree or equivalent and a teaching qualification and I think many of them would be very upset if colleagues coming into their schools came in through a much less significant, less demanding route.

‘There is a strong legal basis to the work we do as the body that regulates the teaching profession in Scotland. Given that the Bill excepts the legal professions across the UK from its requirements, GTC Scotland feels there is an equally strong argument for the teaching profession in Scotland to be excepted.

‘As the professional body for all of Scotland’s teachers, we have written to our registrants and urged them to raise our concerns with their local MP. It is only by MPs supporting the amendments to the UKIM Bill that we can protect the very high standards that are set for our teachers in Scotland and protect the quality of teaching that our children receive and deserve.’

Kidz Kabin to offer discounted fees until April

The nursery school provider, Kidz Kabin, which has three schools in North London (Pembroke Studios, Fortismere and Shropshire Hall) is offering parents ten percent off their fees if they join between now and 31st March 2021.

Kidz Kabin, which is led by Lynda Symons, places a strong emphasis on music and learning through playing and telling stories. Children also learn basic computer skills, how to grow fruity and vegetables, how to make slime and much more.

The move may prove to be a blessing for the many parents who are currently looking to make savings in the face of mounting economic difficulties.

Footprints Learning for Life are Hartlepool’s winningest nursery

Footprints Learning for Life, the Hartlepool-based day nursery led by Sharon Birch, has been revealed to have the highest number of awards across all the nurseries in the region.

The nursery, which has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted, has won ‘Gold Investors in People,’ the ‘Nursery World Award for Team Development’, ‘Golden Apple Healthy Eating Award’ and many more.

Talltrees Kindergarten display environmental credentials

Emma Corner’s Frome-based nursery school, Talltrees Kindergarten, have asserted their commitment to the environment and eco-consciousness with a series of initiatives.

Writing on their own website, they explain:

‘We want to set a good example for the children and strive to look at ways to keep things as natural and eco conscious in the Tall Trees environment on a day to day basis.’

The policies include the use of compostable vegetable materials rather than plastic bags, UK-made chemical-free nappies and homemade lavender baby wipes. They are also committed to recycling as much waste as possible.

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