LEADERSHIP ROUND-UP: RDT announces new partnership, TCEG makes new acquisition, Kent Autistic Trust shares mental health guide for coping through winter lockdown

Published by Rhys Taylor-Brown on January 16th 2021, 1:07pm

Our latest leadership round-up brings news of RDT announcing a new partnership with Sightcall, while The Creative Engagement Group has acquired New Jersey firm Vitiello Communications Group. Elsewhere, the Kent Autistic Trust has shared a guide initially produced by BelievePerform, offering tips for keeping on top of mental health during lockdown in the winter.

RDT partners with Sightcall

RDT’s existing insurance platform, ATLAS, already allows property and casualty [P&C] insurers to deliver first-rate digital experiences to clients and optimise their operational efficiency. Through a new partnership with leading video cloud platform service, Sightcall, RDT has now introduced video claims servicing into its offering.

The new video claims servicing will bring numerous benefits, including allowing claims operators to work with clients to take control of claims as early as possible, remotely view any potential damages and speed up settlement times as well as reducing the cost of claims.

Read the full story announcing the new partnership here.

The Creative Engagement Group acquires Vitiello

This week, The Creative Engagement Group [TCEG] announced its acquisition of New Jersey-based employee engagement experts, Vitiello Communications Group.

Established in 1990 by founder and CEO Jill Vitiello, the firm provides specialist services to healthcare companies that are focused toward enhancing the employee experience. Vitiello works closely with internal communications, human resources, and business leaders to develop communication strategies and create change management and culture-related content to help fuel long-term business performance.

Following the acquisition, Vitiello will become incorporated into TCEG’s employee engagement division, Forty1. The addition of Vitiello will enable the group to more effectively deliver a wide array of integrated employee engagement solutions to clients across the globe.

Russ Lidstone, CEO of The Creative Engagement Group, commented: “I’m delighted to welcome Vitiello to The Creative Engagement Group. Jill [Vitiello] and the team are really talented, great people and their addition gives our Forty1 employee engagement division even greater ability to service our global clients. It also underpins our commitment to creating moments that inspire lasting change, as we combine Vitiello’s heritage in internal communications with Forty1’s expertise in employee listening, learning, leadership development and behavioural science.”

Vitiello founder and CEO, Jill Vitiello, added: “The Vitiello team is thrilled to join The Creative Engagement Group and to partner with Forty1 to spearhead North American operations. The combination allows us to offer a broader array of modern organizational communication services, which are essential to success in companies that value an excellent employee experience where everyone contributes to a healthy, inclusive workplace culture.”

The full story of TCEG’s purchase of Vitiello may be read here.

Kent Autistic Trust shares importance of mental health

While adjusting to lockdown at any time of the year can be a challenge, during the first UK Covid-19 lockdown over the spring and summer, there were many Brits who seized the opportunity to embrace the outdoors and engage in healthy outdoor exercise in the sunshine.

However, when the curtailing of freedoms and social isolation continues into the winter months when the weather is poorer and daylight hours are at their minimum, the range of activities to keep oneself distracted can seem significantly reduced.

Yet, there are still many ways that we can keep on top of our mental health. After BelievePerform shared a helpful mental health guide for coping with lockdown in the colder months of the year on its own Twitter account, the Kent Autistic Trust shared the helpful tips with its own plethora of followers to raise awareness among those suffering with autism and remind them and their families to keep on top of their mental wellbeing.

The brief but helpful guide includes a range of pointers, such as how best to wake up in a morning to be prepared for the day ahead, limiting the amount of time one spends on social media and reading the news, incorporating activities that can provide oneself with a sense of pleasure or achievement, and keeping active.

The full guide can be read here.

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