From Redditch to Romania: PR Facilities Management Limited prepare for post-Brexit world

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 13th 2020, 1:01pm

Redditch-based SIM fulfilment and packaging specialists, PR Facilities Management Limited, have established a facility in the north of Romania in an attempt to mitigate any potential ill effects of Britain leaving the EU.

Speaking about the decision, managing director Haydn Price said:

‘It quickly became apparent to me that, without our production taking place in a cheaper labour market, our market share would decrease considerably.

‘We already compete with fulfilment companies in eastern Europe, so moving in this direction was a sensible step, especially when considering the talent and infrastructure already available there.’

‘The possibility of ending the free movement of labour within the continent necessitated the need to start directing more of our resources outside of the country, purely as an act of survival.’

In words that could equally apply to the challenges facing businesses in light of Covid-19, Mr Price added:

‘Ultimately, it is our ability to anticipate the structural shifts in the worlds of business, technology and politics that has allowed us to occupy the successful and trusted position we do today. In addition to our unique care for clients’ needs, it is in these aforementioned areas (anticipation and adaptation) that we stand out as exemplars of best practice.

‘By maintaining these general traits of ours, we are confident that we will continue to succeed in the future, just as we have done for the last two decades.’

Founded in 1999, PR Facilities Management Limited offers custom solutions and automated services for large companies, including SIM manufacturers and mobile virtual network operators.

Photo by paul mocan on Unsplash

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