Delivered Social receives Armed Forces Covenant Bronze award

Published by Scott Challinor on June 23rd 2022, 7:07am

Marketing agency Delivered Social has received a Bronze Award of the Armed Forces Covenant, after having become the first UK digital marketing agency to sign the pledge.

Businesses, charitable concerns and public sector organisations have the opportunity sign the Armed Forces Covenant to demonstrate their support for the UK Armed Forces.

Covenant signatories then become eligible for the Armed Forces Covenant Awards, which are handed out through an Employer Recognition Scheme.

The awards are allocated according to a three-tiered approach of bronze, silver and gold awards, which reflects the different levels of commitment provided by employers.

The scheme identifies those that have provided exceptional support to the Armed Forces community and defence by going above and beyond their covenant pledges, and credits them with the relevant award.

Having become the first UK digital marketing agency to sign the Covenant, Delivered Social’s commitment has now been fittingly honoured.

The award is also of personal significance for Delivered Social’s regional director for the city of Portsmouth, Terence Carvalho.

In his previous role as general manager of Southsea-based hotel and restaurant, Becketts, Carvalho signed the Armed Forces Covenant and led the setting to becoming the first hospitality venue in the city to win an Armed Forces Covenant award.

Carvalho commented: “We are very proud to announce that Delivered Social has been awarded a Bronze Award of The Armed Forces Covenant, having been the first digital agency of its kind to sign up.

“As a business now opening in Portsmouth, we felt it was extremely important at Delivered Social to show our support to our Armed Forces by signing The Armed Forces Covenant pledge. Especially so given the history our great waterfront city has with The Armed Forces.

“Personally, I believe it’s an absolute no-brainer for every business to sign this pledge. I signed the pledge at my previous employer, Becketts, and it became the first hospitality venue in Portsmouth to do so. I’m proud that Delivered Social has made the same commitment to our Armed Forces and been duly recognised for that commitment.

Delivered Social managing director, Jonathan Bird, added: "The entire team at Delivered Social are proud to have signed The Armed Forces Covenant.

"In this pledge, we are acknowledging and supporting those who serve or have served our country and the incredible sacrifices they have made in doing so. Many members of the Armed Forces community are being denied access to the same government and commercial services that you or I have – making it incredibly difficult to enjoy the stability we are so lucky to know.

"Support is being given to these individuals and their families through the Covenant, ensuring they have access to healthcare, financial assistance, education and accommodation amongst other things. For many, these are basic needs we cater to each day – enjoying private insurance through an employer or access to expensive financial advisors whenever we need them.

"We don’t know why we are the first digital agency in the UK to have signed this, but we’re glad we are. If there is any chance this gets more businesses doing the same thing – we will help wherever we can."

Further information on the Armed Forces Covenant can be found here.

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Scott Challinor
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June 23rd 2022, 7:07am

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