New botanical sky garden opens at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Published by Will Dodds on September 11th 2021, 12:12pm

CW+ opened a new indoor botanical sky garden this week, designed by CW+ artist in residence and award-winning landscaper Jinny Blom.

Aimed at supporting the cognitive function, wellbeing and rehabilitation of patients at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in intensive care, and is part of a wider development and expansion of the Adult Intensive Care Unit on the top floor.

Jinny was tasked with creating a "transformative experience" for patients of the hospital and members of staff.

As a former psychologist and psychotherapist, Jinny understands the benefits of nature within healthcare, and how it can support recovery and mental wellness.

Throughout the process, Jinny worked with former patients and ICU staff to gain an understanding of what the space required, running workshops to run through ideas.

Catering to the differing needs of an ICU, one side of the garden has a physiotherapy ramp for recovering patients, with a sociable space across from it.

Jinny also created a Greenhaven Garden at the rear of the hospital and explained that the new garden would prove an "irreplaceable source of respite".

“Gardens, quite simply, improve our lives," she said.

"To go and sit amongst plants and nature, especially in the context of a bustling hospital, has an immediate positive impact on stress levels. The Sky Garden will provide an irreplaceable source of respite to those in need”.

Trystan Hawkins, director of patient environment at CW+, added: “We are thrilled with the Sky Garden which Jinny has so carefully designed. There is a wealth of research which demonstrates how natural environments have a real impact on patient’s wellbeing, recovery and mood. Many of our patients, especially in ICU, are unable to leave the hospital, often for prolonged lengths of time, so having this space of tranquillity and nature will be invaluable”.

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Will Dodds
Senior Journalist
September 11th 2021, 12:12pm

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