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The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a network of the most influential figures from across the country. It champions the hard work and achievements of Great British leaders, while seeking to inspire the next generation.

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Get your voice heard

We put out regular podcasts with business leaders, politicians and other influential figures. Leaders Council members are invited to take part and have their voice heard by the people shaping Britain’s future. Your podcast will appear on all the major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.


Be in the news

We regularly quote Leaders Council members in our daily news coverage. This puts you on the front page of our website and Google News. You can also suggest potential stories to our editorial team, which helps us to focus on the stories that really do matter for you, your sector and British business as a whole.

Wiki-style Bio

Chronicle your career

Your Leaders Council bio will be one of the first things people see when they enter your name into a search engine. It will let colleagues, peers and the wider world know about your career and achievements. Our professional journalists can write the first draft for you and you can edit or update your bio whenever you wish.

Charter of Principles

Join Britain’s boardroom

By joining The Leaders Council, you are standing alongside leaders from every sector of the British economy, all of whom have pledged to adhere to our charter of principles. By coming together in this way, you will help our nation maintain an unequivocal commitment to championing fair leadership and good business practices. As a member, you also will be able to display a Leaders Council badge, which instantly informs all visitors to your website of you commitment to these essential values.

What it means to be a member of the Leaders Council

Discuss your work alongside the country's most respected politicians and personalities. Our members enjoy a raised profile, rank highly on search engines and have access to a range of key features. They are the people who run the country and the people who keep the country running.

Other Benefits

Event Organising

Organise and manage reception evenings or dinners with keynote speakers.

Content Creation

Produce video, audio, layout, graphic design or written content with our content team.

Consultancy & Advice

Speak with a business support specialist or request a simple, compact handbook on a complex issue.

Research & Reports

Commission research, reports and analysis on any issue, no matter how niche.

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