Talon Outdoor to reset Digital OOH trading with new strategy

Published by Rhys Taylor-Brown on April 11th 2021, 10:02am

Talon Outdoor has announced plans for a trading reset for 2021 which will simplify Out of Home [OOH] Media purchasing by valuing target audiences as well as OOH assets.

The move is aimed toward optimising Talon’s approach to Digital OOH trading, placing audiences at the centre of delivering audience, price, and value.

Talon has said that its new approach will allow clients to access the value of Digital OOH more easily and ensure that investment returns efficient audience volumes more easily. The new strategy focuses on delivering an omnichannel view of target audiences so that clients can reach and activate them via OOH in the same way as one would through social and online media.

Using the universal Cost Per Mille [CPM] system, Talon will make it easier for clients to integrate OOH into their outreach and simplify outcomes. The company believes that close collaboration with all media owners and using the latest in technology and data usage will enable increased flexibility in finding and delivering audiences at the best possible price.

Phil Dack, Talon Outdoor’s Accountability and Performance Director, says that the new strategy will be a transformational move for OOH Media, with the company already lining up key buying and selling points in the market to execute its plans.

The hallmark of Talon’s new strategy is to place a value on target audiences themselves, rather than focusing solely on the OOH asset alone. Aligning to the trading mechanic of price will deliver more clarity on pricing and allow for a greater balance of campaign audience delivery and a fairer value set against OOH formats and locations.

All of these steps taken in tandem will offer clients complete audience transparency for Talon’s digital trades and maximise the value equation.

Dack says: “It is important to recognise in Out of Home that not all formats and locations possess the same value. Our new approach enables us to trade the value of audiences for clients and enable us to change the supply in less demanded dayparts and across towns and cities as we negotiate audience behaviour changes.

“We can demonstrate a more consistent weight of audience delivery in places like London, particularly with the proliferation of new digital locations, to better follow the audience to environments like malls and local high streets, rather than be driven by invisible factors dictated by location and environment.”

Talon Investment Director, Shenney O’Hara, comments: “We will now be updating our trading approach to be fully audience-led and much more aligned to a conventional media channel and digital approach. This will simplify the process and enable clients to better understand the value they’re getting from a digital OOH plan, whilst reinforcing the true value of Talon’s independent specialist offer and be market leading in terms of engaging media owners to alter the language of Out of Home.”

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Rhys Taylor-Brown
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April 11th 2021, 10:02am

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