Taking responsibility: All Plumbing Services boss outlines the Covid-19 procedures his team have stuck by since March 2020

Published by Rhys Taylor-Brown on July 21st 2021, 10:10am

Berkshire-based All Plumbing Services Ltd is a company that covers all aspects of boiler, plumbing, heating, and gas services. The business has been serving customers for over 18 years and built an enviable reputation in the process. However, like so many other firms, it has been forced to work around the demands of Covid-19 social restrictions and adjust its operations to keep staff, clients and their close contacts safe.

Having implemented a raft of measures to keep people safe that it has stuck by since last March, managing director Russell Arundell saw fit to outline the steps put in place to help reassure clients, explaining that All Plumbing Services’ Covid strategy was driven by a desire to protect customers, staff and all associated with them.

Russell also stressed that the heating industry, being one that requires contact with others within their homes, had a key role to play in setting a safety benchmark for operating under restrictions.

Russell said: “We recognise the increased uncertainty that coronavirus is causing for everyone, and we also know that the heating industry has an important role to play.

“We have wanted to let all our customers know that we still have members of staff working and that we are on hand to deal with emergency calls only, such as boiler break downs, burst pipes, gas safety checks, oil tank issues and the like. We have been following government guidelines and recommendations closely, as well as implementing our own practices and procedures to reduce risk.”

Explaining some of the steps that the company has taken, Russell continued: “We have been contacting customers 15 minutes before arriving to make necessary arrangements for access to the property and ask that customers keep their distance from the engineer working. Alternatively, clients can leave their home to go for a walk prior to our visit if they wish. We also ask if there are any special procedures the client wishes us to adopt on arrival, and invoices are emailed to minimise interaction with engineers.”

All Plumbing Services have also made changes to standard procedure among staff, requiring all drivers to wear fresh sets of gloves which are to be put on after parking up and before entering the clients’ properties.

Engineers are also kitted out with additional PPE such as face masks and shoe protectors which are disposed of safely after work has been completed. All tools used during works are also subject to strict cleaning procedures.

Furthermore, Russell pointed out that engineers have been subject to daily temperature checks to ensure that risk of Covid-19 transmission to clients is minimised.

“Our engineers take body temperature tests daily. In the case of any of their family members showing symptoms of Covid-19, we require the engineer to remain in self-isolation for 14 days. Any engineer that is displaying any symptoms of coronavirus will be in self-isolation and not out working.”

Russell went on to explain that those engineers who are Covid free and continuing to work must also abide by strict personal sanitation procedures, as well as carrying out regular cleaning of their work vehicles.

“Our vans are cleaned and sanitised inside and out prior to our engineers leaving home and upon their return home. This includes the cleaning of all interior surfaces, flooring areas, and load areas inside and out. Our engineers are also instructed to ensure that their footwear is sanitised before starting work and prior to entering their own home.

“Even when entering their own homes at the end of the working day, our engineers are instructed to shower prior to touching anything and their uniform worn for the day is bagged and washed carefully. We also require them to wear a clean uniform each day.”

Although these steps have had an impact on the business, including limiting its hours of operation, Russell was adamant that the procedures were necessary to keep those connected to the business safe, and that his company had no regrets about implementing them.

He said: “Our aim is to take responsibility for our actions used in suppressing the spread of Covid-19 and ensuring the safety of all our clients, their families, our personnel and their families.”

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Rhys Taylor-Brown
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July 21st 2021, 10:10am

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