Steve Woolland: Influencing in a Virtual World

Published by Rupert Douglas on March 14th 2021, 10:04am

Steve Woolland, Performance Coach and Director of Coaching & Training at wctd ltd, led an online session for members of The Leaders Council looking at how to influence in a virtual world. As the world of work has changed and the majority of networking, engaging with clients and leading teams is now conducted online attendees were given a chance to assess how they can still influence across a physical divide.

With remote working looking as though it is here to stay and digital meetings now the norm, it is important that individuals know the new rules of how to make friends and influence people. The session gave delegates an opportunity to Discuss influencing and the challenges of virtual influencing, Consider their own personal influencing style as well as how they could flex this in a virtual space and develop an approach based on their own context.

Delegates were asked to consider the five principal ways of influencing: Bridging, Rationalising, Asserting, Inspiring and Negotiating. Looking within their own experiences and preferences to understand what form they took when looking to persuade and engage with others. While nothing can be as good as face-to-face contact for gauging peoples moods and keeping attention it just means that a new series of skills need to be honed to succeed across a digital platform.

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Rupert Douglas
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March 14th 2021, 10:04am

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