PM orders greater restrictions as Dunstaffnage Marina backs #RespectTheDestination campaign

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on September 23rd 2020, 10:10am

All the major newspapers are leading with reports of Boris Johnson’s historic speech to the nation last night. Meanwhile, Dunstaffnage Marina have leant their support to the #RespectTheDestination campaign.

Leadership in Focus

Dunstaffnage Marina, on the west coast of Scotland, has backed the #RespectTheDestination campaign launched by Sail Scotland, RYA Scotland, British Marine Scotland and Wild Scotland. 

The campaign, which is targeted at leisure and commercial boaters, aims to remind them of the differing arrangements, levels of service and local access controls that are in place at various popular boating destinations.

The key messages of the campaign are to plan ahead (and check that the destination is open and what reductions are to be expected compared to normal), arrive prepared (and only with prior approval and allocation of a berth) and think local (be mindful that safety procedures may differ from one place to the next and be prepared to follow the rules accordingly. Also consider wearing a facemark and gloves to minimise the risk of contamination).

Dunstaffnage Marina offers summer and winter facilities with 250 fully serviced berths for yachts, superyachts or motor vessels. The stunning location provides excellent access to Scotland’s West Coast and Island sailing.

Writing in The Parliamentary Review, CEO Neil McLauchlan said:

‘Apart from possessing some of the best sailing grounds in the world, according to official studies, the west of Scotland offers an exciting opportunity for these large vessels to enjoy the countryside and sailing routes without some of the security issues that exist in other parts of the world.

‘Our marina has become a remarkable success story, and has attracted sailing yachts from all around the world.’

Leadership Today

All the majors papers are leading this morning with reports of Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation last night. The Telegraph focuses on his declaration that ‘the fight against Covid is by no means over’ while The Times alights on his assertion that this is ‘a struggle humanity will win.’ 

Weighing up the difficult balance between health and the economy, Times columnist and Tory peer Daniel Finklestein said, ‘I believe this risk is still the right one to take. Covid-19 is a deadly disease for older people and can be debilitating for anyone who survives it. If we leave it to get out of control, a very large number will get it very quickly and the number of excess deaths will be very high indeed.

‘There is just enough optimism about the development of vaccines and treatments by the first half of next year to make it worthwhile waiting, despite all the costs involved.

‘Where I’m less convinced the government has got it right is its belief that yesterday’s announcement was enough.

‘Six months more of the sort of restrictions announced yesterday is a very depressing prospect. But I think we are more likely to end up feeling that yesterday the prime minister undercooked the policy rather than overcooked it.’

In The Telegraph, associate editor Camilla Tominey summed up the difficulty gripping the PM and the government: ‘For whatever decisions he takes next, he knows he faces a backlash, either from those who think he has gone too far, or those who think he has not gone far enough.’ 

Leadership in History

On this day in 1862, Otto von Bismarck was appointed Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Prussia by King Wilhelm I. He would go on to unify most of the German states into a German Empire and would later become the first chancellor of Germany. 

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Richard Yarrick-Holmes
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September 23rd 2020, 10:10am

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