Pentland Medical launches first IoT based monitoring device for dementia patients

Published by Scott Challinor on November 25th 2021, 7:03am

Pentland Medical has recently launched Otiom, the world’s first Internet of Things [IoT] based tracking system for people with dementia and their carers.

Otiom is a unique and discrete tagging device which dementia patients and their carers and/or family members can easily carry. It utilises IoT technology to ensure safe, reliable tracking indoors and outdoors, and enjoys battery life beyond that of many other monitoring devices.

Furthermore, the Otiom-app feature of the system makes it simple to clearly define safe zones, which are areas where the person with dementia is allowed access to without being monitored and raising any immediate concern.

Pentland Medical managing director, Stewart Munro, commented: “We have recently launched this unique ground-breaking technology for managing dementia patients and it is already involving the company in significant engagement with the social care market and the enormous challenges in this sector.

“Otiom offers peace of mind and freedom, allowing people to move more freely. It's a game-changing addition to the support of carers with a growing number of people living with dementia globally. It provides carers and families with the ability to track indoors and outdoors, it is low cost, low maintenance, has a long battery life, and benefits from improved communication stability.”

Otiom is available for care homes and private users and consists of three parts:

- The Otiom-tag: The monitoring device for persons with dementia. It can be carried around in a pocket, on a safety strap, sewn into clothing or mounted on a cane or walking frame. Its battery lasts for up to one month.

- The Otiom Home Base: The small wireless Home Bases must be placed in the apartment of the person with dementia as well as in common areas. The Home Bases communicate with the Otiom-tags and keep the tags in power-save mode while the residents are in the nursing home. Its battery life is between three-and-four years.

- The Otiom-app: Available for iOS and Android, the app is to be downloaded by caregivers or relatives.

Otiom can be managed using a smartphone and a safety zone can be set outside the personal home or care facility, including surrounding gardens or community areas. If the person with dementia leaves the safety zone, an alarm will be triggered and the Otiom-app will show the current location, allowing carers and/or relatives to quickly attend to them and ensure that safety is maintained.

Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

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November 25th 2021, 7:03am

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