MET announce new arrival, HFH announce support for labs, and Mistura announce medicine literacy drive

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 18th 2020, 1:01pm

In a triple-dose of positive news for those with a love of science, Medical Engineering Technologies have hired a seasoned new recruit, Holliday Fielding Hocking have reiterated their support for UK labs, and Mistura Informatics have spoken of their drive to improve medicine literacy.

Vaghela joins Medical Engineering Technologies

Medical Engineering Technologies has recruited the seasoned veteran of pharmaceutical, analytical chemistry, Vipul Vaghela from Catalent. Equipped with many years of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the arrival of Vaghela is a huge boon for everyone at MET.

Founded in 1997 by Mark Turner, who is still the managing director, Medical Engineering Technologies is a laboratory service which tests the safety and performance of medical devices, has grown from being a one-man band to an organisation that serves every continent on earth except Antartica.

Holliday Fielding Hocking steps up for UK labs

West-Yorkshire based Holliday Fielding Hocking have reiterated their unwavering support to the UK laboratories who are unsurprisingly operating at unprecedented levels right now.

The West Yorkshire-based company provides an extensive range of laboratory fume cupboards, extraction equipment and laboratory furniture.

In a big boost to the sector, they announced:

‘The Directors at HFH with the ongoing support of our engineers will continue to work with you tirelessly through this crisis to help keep your equipment up and running and working safely. This applies to any of our public or private sector clients, or indeed any new client that may need our services moving forward.’

Mistura Informatics aim to improve understanding around medicines

Northumberland-based Mistura Informatics have highlighted the sheer volume of wasted medicines each year in the UK, which amounts to an estimated £900 million, and have pledged to try and improve the nation’s understanding of medication more generally.

Pointing to a 2017 incident where 20,00 children were harmed as a result of parents not being made aware of the risks of taking the epilepsy drug Valproate, Mistura argue that independent advice is absolutely crucial for patients.

Writing in The Parliamentary Review, managing director and co-founder Dr Dawn Price said:

‘Our unique company structure combines the creation and management of up-to-date medication information authored

by national healthcare experts, within specially designed software applications. Patients need this independent expert service as online information is commonly inaccurate, out of date and often funded by advertising or drug companies.

‘Our values are to build high quality medicines information applications that save the NHS time and money while improving patients knowledge and understanding that leads to empowerment and better medicine-taking.’

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Richard Yarrick-Holmes
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October 18th 2020, 1:01pm

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