Lord Blunkett, chairman of the Leaders Council, says we should avoid rushing to judgement on school abuse claims

Published by Rupert Douglas on April 7th 2021, 9:09am

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, Leaders Council chairman Lord Blunkett, wants to see a measured response to the allegations of child sexual assault in schools made by the contributors to the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website.

The former education secretary believes that following the advice of Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs Council's lead on child protection, to launch an enquiry across every police force in the country could lead to ‘unforeseen and dangerous’ consequences.

Drawing on the fallout of allegations surroundings ‘Operation Midland’, the Metropolitan police forces’ misjudged inquiry into a ‘VIP paedophile abuse ring’ that ended up costing £2.5million, Lord Blunkett believes that it could lead to more damage to reputation of the force in this area as well as long lasting mental and emotional damage to those involved.

Lord Blunkett is calling for young people to be educated on ‘how to behave. Personal, social, health and economic education’ and not to be instantly judged as in the wrong.

Lord Blunkett went on to write: ‘’I had already been thinking a lot about these issues, particularly when taking part in Lords debates on the Domestic Abuse Bill, which aims to protect victims – principally women – from the violence, coercion or controlling behaviour of their partners.

This vital piece of legislation offers, for example, some protection to women from men who have used 'non-fatal strangulation' as a means of exerting power.

So, yes, the protection of the vulnerable must be at the very forefront of our thoughts.

That is why we need a genuine effort to ensure that the most serious allegations, including rape, are investigated thoroughly. It is also, though, the reason why an examination of lower-level, crass behaviour should be accompanied by a proper analysis of what we do about it, rather than just railing against it.’’

Lord Blunketts full article for the Mail on Sunday can be read here.

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Rupert Douglas
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April 7th 2021, 9:09am

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