Leavitt Walmsley comes in for praise as self-assessment deadline looms

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on September 26th 2020, 10:10am

With Covid and Brexit negotiations dominating the news cycle, it would be easy for people to forget the more humdrum yearly occurrences such as the self-assessment tax deadline. But as this year’s deadline approaches, one accountancy firm in the Northwest of England has come in for praise.

The deadline to register for self-assessment is 5th October, with paper tax returns required by the end of the month. People wishing to fill out their tax-return online have slightly longer, with a deadline of 31st January. 

Leavitt Walmsley, which provides advice on self-assessment as well as on near-enough all areas of finance, and has offices in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, has developed a strong reputation, assisted in no small part by the high praise of their customers

Freight-Forwarding specialists Regal Crown said:

‘LWA manage the accounts and yearly audits at Regal Crown, and I’m confident in saying that the work has been done at a very high standard, as well as efficiently. The LWA team are great from the day-to-day contact when managing accounts, through to the audit team who comes over to our offices. They are very easy to talk to, and most importantly are quick to respond and always available when help is needed.”

The testimony from Lakeland Laboratories Limited indicates that it is not always in a company’s bets interests to work with the most famous names in an industry:

‘We transferred our audit and accounts preparation from KPMG just over 10 years ago. Since that time they have provided other services. I trust in LWA to provide me with the expert and up to date advice and services required for my business because that is what they have achieved for the last 10 years.’

While the director of Western Environmental Limited said:

‘They have been like a breath of fresh air after our last accountants. They are always available to discuss any matters and provide useful advice without using jargon. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending LWA.’

This positivity is also borne out in the Leavitt Walmsley customer satisfaction survey. 65% of respondents said they used LWA’s services after receiving a recommendation. 90% said they saw Leavitt Walmsley as a ‘key part of our team’ and a whopping 100% said they believed the practice understands their needs ‘extremely well.’

Leavitt Walmsley benefits from the fact that their technical director, Steve Collings, is the author of over twenty books, a nationwide lecturer and a member of the UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice Technical Advisory Group at the Financial Reporting Council, who are the UK’s accountancy and auditing regulator.

Writing in The Parliamentary Review, Collings said ‘Staying ahead of the competition and developments in tax and accountancy is a daily challenge. Embracing that challenge and becoming more innovative in the way that both LWA and our clients work is a key driver to both our, and our clients’, success.’ 

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