LEADERSHIP ROUNDUP: Visionary Trends come in for praise, NCS showcases projects, and Met Studios discusses socially-distanced socialising

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on November 6th 2020, 8:03am

Our latest leadership roundup brings news of an award-winning exhibition company’s take on the future of the events industry, high praise for a computer repair firm, and an extensive showcase of successful design projects.

Visionary Trends

Visionary Trends, the computer repair and network solutions firm run by James Trend, have come in for extensive praise from a number of their clients.

Tim Norton, the director of Tim Norton Motors, explained ‘Our network had become disorganised and was running at capacity, causing regular issues including total outages. James came to assess the site and put forward a clear and concise breakdown of recommendations at varying capabilities and budgets. Commencing with James’ recommendations we were kept up to date with installation and very quickly noticed a vast improvement in stability across the entire network.’

Nick Brake from Rutland Charcuterie described Trend as ‘thorough and always looking for improvements.’

And the team at Digital Deadline in Melton Mowbray added, ‘Whenever we have an IT problem James always is quick to respond via email or telephone and nothing is ever too much trouble. He will work tirelessly until the problem has been rectified allowing our business to run smoothly and efficiently.’

Key to such positive feedback may well be Visionary Trends’ emphasis on finding client-specific solutions. As James Trend explains, ‘We believe that throwing technology at a problem, like throwing money at a problem, doesn’t work. We first gain an understanding of the requirements of the business and then provide each individual user the tools needed to achieve their productivity in the manner which is most appropriate for them.’

NCS showcase range of successful projects

Fergus Thompson-Yates’ Birmingham-based NCS have provided information about some of their most impressive projects to date.

The projects, pictures of which can be seen on their website, span the length and breadth of the country, from a confidential office property in Edinburgh to Skandia House in Southampton.

Met Studios designer discusses socially-distanced socialising

Met Studios’ graphic designer, Ewan McDermott, has written a fascinating article asking ‘can social distancing still be a social experience?’

The article reviews how museums and other interactive spaces have adapted so far, and how they may continue to adapt going forward.

‘With this in mind,’ McDermott explains, ‘here at MET Studio we believe it is vital that we design experiences that adapt to the new social distancing criteria. This is easier said than done, as these experiences can not be bombarded with tape as to not dilute visitor enjoyment. Subsequently, we must embrace some form of distancing measure to ensure that guests feel comfortable in attending these experiences. Finding the perfect balance between these two factors will bring guests into a situation where they still feel they are receiving an un-compromised experience, whilst still adhering to safety measures.’

Met Studios, which is led by managing director Alex Mccuaig, is a multi-award winning organisation which plans, designs and delivers exhibitions and other interactive events and installations.

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November 6th 2020, 8:03am

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