LEADERSHIP ROUNDUP: Future Life, Ski Club of Great Britain, Chuckling Goat, Hardy Signs

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 3rd 2020, 2:02pm

In today’s leadership roundup, we have an analysis of the government’s economic plan from Jillian Thomas and an open letter to the PM from Shann Jones. We also have the Ski Club of Great Britain and Hardy Signs making the case for ski touring and illuminated signage respectively.

Future Life Wealth Management

Jillian Thomas, managing director of the Sheffield-based wealth management firm has given her verdict on Rishi Sunak’s winter economic plan. Admitting that she ‘wasn’t very impressed’, Thomas argued that the £1,000 bonus for employers who successfully bring staff back from furlough will have a very limited effect.

In a fascinating televised conversation with Justin Urquhart (below) the Future Life managing director said ‘we’ve got certain areas of the economy doing rather well here. And we’ve got others, such as the hospitality sector, struggling.’ She suggested that the support from government should be more targeted, with the furlough scheme being extended for the sectors that most need it.

Ski Club of Great Britain

The Ski Club of Great Britain has mounted a strong argument for why ski touring may be more appealing this year than ever before.

Citing the need to clear one’s mind, escape crowds and achieve piece amid the ongoing deluge of negative health and economic news, they argue that this upcoming winter season may be a historically unmatched time to try ski touring.

Ski Touring involves long walks and descents in the mountain wilderness. And given the year we have endured so far, it does certainly sound tempting.

Chuckling Goat

Shann Jones, nutritional advisor and director of Chuckling Goat has written an impassioned open letter to the prime minister in response to the government’s obesity strategy. 

The letter argues against the idea of promoting bariatric surgery. Citing a study from Washington University, it also makes the case that obesity is heavily linked to the gut microbiome.

It also suggests that an improvement in gut health would also assist in the fight against Covid-19.

Hardy Signs

The Staffordshire-based signage experts have made an impassioned case for illuminated signs. In an extensive article, they explain the history of the art form and why businesses should consider using it. They argue that ‘incorporating illumination into your outdoor signage is a great way to gain prominent visibility and stand out from your competitors.’

In regard to the options they provide, the continue: ‘We offer low maintenance, eco-friendly options that can allow improved design options and brand perception, give 24-hour visibility and even benefit your site security.’

In a separate article, the firm discusses the importance of signage in the education sector. 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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October 3rd 2020, 2:02pm

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