LEADERSHIP ROUNDUP: Curo Salus named ‘inclusive retailer’ and Charles Rippin and Turner MD provides surgeries for doctors

Published by Leaders Council on November 19th 2020, 1:01pm

Our latest leadership roundup brings news of much needed assistance for doctors, and a vital commendation for a care and education provider.

Charles Rippin & Turner MD holds surgeries for doctors

Vijay Acharya, the managing director of specialist medical accountants Charles Rippin & Turner, has revealed how he holds his own surgery for doctors where he looks over their accounts and issues to ensure all their vital signs are in good order.

Discussing the practice, Acharya said, ‘I believe the extra care I put into the service I provide is my own unique selling point.

‘We believe that what distinguishes us from conventional practices is our ability to offer a range of advice. We have found that it is no longer the case that medical practices can be supported by the state, and instead they must learn to support themselves. My personal background, moving from the practice where I trained to the city and then back again, means I know exactly what is required to create a successful practice.’

Under Acharya’s stewardship, the seventy-year-old firm has seen substantial growth. He believes that the secret is ‘treating our customers almost as friends.’ By providing dedicated surgeries and other means of support, Acharya and his team are able to ensure a strong relationship with each of their clients.

Curo Salus named ‘inclusive recruiter’ by SCQF

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework have named Kilbarchan-based care and education provider Curo Sales as an inclusive recruiter.

The aim of the SCQF Inclusive Recruiter scheme is ‘to help employers understand that many different qualifications have the same worth and to encourage the use of SCQF Levels in the recruitment process to offer clarity around skills and experience.’

The designation for Sally Dolan’s Curo Salus follows on from the Care Inspectorate declaring that ‘staff members [at Curo Salus] were available and aware of the young people at all times during our visits to the service and they interacted with them in a playful, kind and nurturing way.' 

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