Leadership Round-up: England will be snow free by 2040, Beauty Kitchen partner with Canopy and Yogscast raise £1.5million for charity.

Published by Rupert Douglas on December 8th 2020, 4:04pm

In this leadership round-up we hear that the Yogscast have now raised over £1.5million since starting their annual Christmas charity drive, that Jo Chidley of Beauty Kitchens commits to lowering the impact of packaging on the environment and climate change could see a snow free England by 2040. 

Climate Change will see a snow free England by 2040

The Met Office have released a series of projections that show snow filled winters across the UK could soon be a thing of the past. The latest analysis suggests that by 2040 the south of England will no longer see temperatures fall below 0 degrees Celsius and that by the 2060s only Scotland and high ground will see any snow.

The average coldest days in England recorded over the last 3 decades has been -4.5C and even with drastic reduction in global emissions to keep average warming below a rise of 2C will see the UKs average coldest days be above 0C.

According to Dr Kenyon of the Met Office "The overarching picture is warmer, wetter winters; hotter, drier summers," "But within that, we get this shift towards more extreme events, so more frequent and intense extremes, so heavier rainfall when it occurs.’’

Peter Clare, Director of Environmental Crop Management, is already seeing challenges when it comes to crop growth. Speaking to The Leaders Council he said that ‘We get periods of weather that are not conducive to crop growth, we had the wettest autumn which prevented the planting of winter wheat, we then went into a very wet spring and then we entered into a very dry period which was exceptionally dry which damaged the spring crop’.

Environmental Crop Management have previously won a Green Apple Award on how to mitigate the effects of climate change and are looking to support Farmers and those involved in agronomy as we look reduce the impacts of climate change moving forwards.

Beauty Kitchens sign up to the Pack4Good campaign

Beauty Kitchen have joined up with Canopy to reduce the impact of packaging on climate change. With a proven track record of making sure that their products are as sustainable as can be joining the Pack4Good scheme was a natural next step.

By reducing single-use plastics the global packaging industry is now turning to ‘forest based packaging’ with a 5% year on year increase, leading to an increase in logging which creates a new sustainability issue.

Canopy works with the forest industry’s biggest customers and their suppliers to develop business solutions that protect these forests and launched the Pack4Good scheme to highlight the stresses being placed on forestry management.

Pack4Good partners are committed to ensuring that by the end of 2022 all their packaging is:

  • Free of Ancient and Endangered Forests.
  • Designed to reduce material use.
  • Maximizing recycled and alternative Next Generation fibres (such as agricultural residues).
  • Using FSC-certified wood when virgin forest fibre continues to be used.

Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen said ‘’We are thrilled to be early leaders in the beauty sector by making a commitment through the Pack4Good initiative. Like Canopy, our goal is to help create a future where precious resources, like forests, don’t end up as packaging for personal care products, and to prove that there can be a widespread democratising of the circular economy.”

The Yogscast raise over £1.5 Million in 2020 charity ‘Jingle Jam’ in the first week

In the first week of the ‘Jingle Jam’, an annual initiative by Bristol based gaming group the Yogscast, they have raised over £1.5 million for 12 charities. The event will be running for two weeks and sees streamers raising money for good causes picked by the community. The Christmas fundraiser has been going since 2011 and has seen over £15million raised for charity.

This year there are 12 charities available to donate to including Bristol Children’s Hospital, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, The Open Bionics Foundation & The Mental Health Foundation.

To donate see the donation page https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/

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