Leadership Round-up: Emily Aklan launches Hope Instead of Handcuffs Campaign and NAAD release updated ventilation guide to protect against Covid-19

Published by Rupert Douglas on November 25th 2020, 3:03pm

In today's leadership round-up we see the launch of two campaigns, the first to treat young people in care with more dignity and the second to promote best practise in ventilation across offices, schools & hospitals. 

Serenity Welfare Launch 'Hope Instead of Handcuffs' Campaign 

Emily Aklan, founder and CEO of Serenity Welfare, has put together the first campaign article for ‘Hope instead of Handcuffs’. Writing for mysocialworknews.com Aklan goes into detail about the campaign, why it began and what successful policy change looks like.

Aklan says ‘’ I don’t want any child to suffer such a dehumanising experience. That’s why I’m launching a new campaign, Hope instead of Handcuffs. We want to make sure that children and young people in care aren’t treated as if they don’t matter.’’

Previously for The Leaders Council she has said ‘’Too often, vulnerable children - such as those in care or those being exploited by vicious county lines gangs - are treated as criminals rather than victims who require care and support to rebuild their lives.’’

The campaign’s core objectives include legislating to ban the handcuffing, restraining, or caging of children except when there is a considerable risk of the child harming themselves or others. The campaign also recommends that government allocates a specific minister to oversee support for the mentoring of vulnerable and at-risk children and young people so that they can reach their potential and lead safe, fulfilling lives.

Serenety Welfare are specialists in helping children who are in the care system they provide support, education and transport to make sure that young people are kept safe and protected.


NAAD Release updated ventilation guide

NAAD have updated their ventilation guidance to protect against Covid-19 transmission. As the specialists in ductwork and ventilation across the UK they have released a guidance report to help building managers better understand the requirements and benefits of maintaining a clean ventilation system.

This guidance is supplementary to all government guidelines in relation to social distancing, hand washing, essential travel and staying at home, etc.
The scope is relevant to all types of commercial and public buildings such as offices, factories, schools and hotels where normal social transmission is possible. Hospitals and healthcare facilities in particular will benefit from the service due to the higher risk of contact with Covid 19 and the specialised work procedures required.

The published report can be found here.

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