Leadership Round-up: Dr Janet Rose to give keynote speech and Magnavale to build UK's largest coldstore unit

Published by Rupert Douglas on March 18th 2021, 6:06pm

In today's leadership round-up we hear from Dr Janet Rose of Norland College who will be giving a keynote speech a conference on childhood trauma alongside Magnavale who are in the process of buidling the UK's largest cold store unit. 

Dr Janet Rose to speak at Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma conference

Dr Janet Rose, Principle of Norland College, will be giving a keynote speech at the Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma (IRCT) conference. The speech will outline how emotion coaching might support vulnerable and traumatised children. Coronavirus has had a real impact on children's mental health and learning development and understanding ways to combat this will be vitally important in the years ahead.

IRCT is a national organisation which seeks to create and connect networks of professionals throughout the UK and facilitate collaboration to develop and improve best practice for all children who have been traumatised and need help to recover.

Magnavale to build UKs largest cold storage unit

Magnavale have announced they will build the UKs largest fully automated cold store unit with capacity for over 96,000 pallets. The project will be a new site rather than an addition to an existing unit. This will mean that the unit caan be built to spec with a focus on being sustainable.

The unit will be powered entirely from renewable energy and will be located in Easton, Lincolnshire. Given the power requirements of cold store units it was important for Magnavale to live up to the UKs commitment to be net carbon zero. The unit being sustainably powered will ensure that it will be the first port of call for companies looking to green their supply chain.

The project will create 230 jobs over 2 years and will contribute to the UKs recover from the coronavirus pandemic. After construction there will be 300 permanent jobs created at the site.

Amanda Coga, Magnavale Chief Operating Officer, said: “The new store in Easton will play a key role in the future of our business and the cold storage sector more generally. Whether it is in terms of operational efficiency or carbon efficiency, our new facility will set the standard for the next generation of cold stores.

The food industry and the UK more generally demand more from us as a key link in the supply chain, and we intend to live up to our mission statement of offering retailers and manufacturers alike the opportunity to shorten, simplify and de-risk their supply chains while also delivering a significant saving in their carbon footprint’’

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March 18th 2021, 6:06pm

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