Leaders in their own words: Sunak, Whittome, Summers, Hancock and Leech

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on September 28th 2020, 12:12pm

In our latest roundup of leaders in their own words, we hear from Rishi Sunak on his new economic plan, Nick Leech on building relationships with customers, Lee Summers on recruitment and John O’Reilly on the casino industry.

Rishi Sunak

Today’s measures mark an important evolution in our approach. Our lives can no longer be put on hold.’ (The chancellor of the exchequer on the new ‘Winter Economy Plan’)

Nadia Whittome

‘It is important that MPs are able to vote in line with their conscience in consideration of all the facts and in good faith - all of which I am confident that I have done.’ (The Labour MP after being sacked from her role as parliamentary private secretary after breaking the whip to vote against the Overseas Operations Bill) 

Lee Summers

‘I ensure they have the right attitude, and this is something that’s only possible to discern by working with people for a long time. It’s difficult to articulate what exactly constitutes the right person, but I know it when I see it.’ (The Oakmore Builders founder and CEO when asked about how he managed to build a strong team) 

Matt Hancock

‘I’ve learned not to rule things out and one of the challenges that we have is how to make sure people are as safe as possible.’ (The health secretary when asked on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme about whether students would be asked to stay in their university towns at Christmas). 

Nick Leech

‘On top of the professional processes we put in place, we continuously strive to put the needs of our clients at the centre of all advice. This means understanding the realities of their lives and being aware that while we deal with complex finance every day, for them this may be unfamiliar territory.’ (The Nestor CEO on working with clients) 

John O’Reilly

‘If we are shut for half the hours the consequences are obvious and our colleagues understand that.’ (The chief executive of Rank Group, which owns the Grosvenor Casinos, on his concerns that curfew measures will halve his revenues).

Jonathan Downey

‘If you are going to shut the doors and kick everyone out on the street, they are not just going to go home. That is going to take young people in particular out of Covid-secure, carefully managed venues into cramped flats and house parties and other venues where the virus is going to love it.’ (The co-founder of London Union, which runs several dining and events venues across the capital, on the impact of the new 10pm closing time. 

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September 28th 2020, 12:12pm

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