Leaders in their own words: Baker, Good, Singh, Keegan and Williamson

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 2nd 2020, 3:03pm

In our latest roundup of leadership quotations, we hear from Jeremy Good on a post-Brexit immigration policy, Ray Singh on maintaining relationships with clients, Ian Williamson on overcoming challenges, Gillian Keegan on the northeast of England, and a damning critique from Steve Baker on his own government.

Steve Baker

’We know the road to hell is paved with good intention. And yet here we stand wandering down the road to hell,” (The Tory MP responding to the government’s latest Covid-19 legislation).

Jeremy Good

‘We have graduates and engineers from many countries, with a majority from outside the EU. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain work permits and visas for skilled staff born overseas. It is to be hoped that, post-Brexit, if the pressure of inward low-skilled migration is reduced, there will be a corresponding easing of restrictions on skilled staff recruited worldwide.’ (The Cryogenic managing director on his hopes for the post-transition period migration rules).

Gillian Keegan

I don’t know the answer to that question but I’m sure they can find out.’ (The skills minister when asked on the BBC’s Today programme if households in the northeast were banned from meeting).

Alex Norris

‘It speaks volumes that even the government’s own ministers don’t know what’s going on. This will do little to inspire public confidence in the northeast and across the country’ (The Labour shadow health minister in response to Keegan’s comments).

Ray Singh

We have invested significantly in establishing and maintaining relationships with customers across the world. Along with a well-developed sales and marketing strategy and strong after-sales support, customers are also involved in market research and new product development. They are also invited to training days for new operators, where new equipment is showcased.’ (The Russell Finex managing director on the company’s firm commitment to customer relations).

Professor Andrew Hayward

‘It does look like the rate of increase has decreased with some of the new measures that have been introduced – so that’s a good thing.’ (The UCL scientist and government-advisor on the latest Covid numbers).

Ian Williamson

‘We’ve struggled through trials and tribulations to survive for as long as we have and won much valuable experience in the meantime. The principal lesson from this has been unyielding attention to detail.’ (The A&I Group managing director on adapting to a changing environment)

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