JK Technosoft launches ‘Social Distancing Radar’

Published by Scott Challinor on October 9th 2020, 11:11am

To help jump-start the manufacturing and hospitality sectors by ensuring safety in public places through the Covid-19 pandemic, JK Technosoft has launched a revolutionary artificial intelligence solution known as ‘Social Distancing Radar’ [SDR], that ensures safe and secure work premises.

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed chaos across the globe, and as most organisations the world over are planning to return to their workplaces, the fear of a second wave and an imminent lockdown is something that none in the business world want. The need of the hour is a tool to help industry not only monitor but identify real time hotspots in a business premises that could be violating social distancing. JK Technosoft’s SDR is an intelligent surveillance system that can monitor not just peoples’ movements, but also identify overcrowded places.

The solution helps industries like the manufacturing and the hospitality sectors conduct business with confidence and helps identify, track and trace the possible root causes instantly and prevent the virus spreading via human contact. JK Technosoft’s Social Distancing Radar is a smart artificial intelligence solution that integrates with existing surveillance systems to monitor the movement of people in a particular area, or to regulate whether the place in question is overcrowded. The SDR is capable of identifying features such as the exact nature of social distancing violations, violation history, contact tracing, person identification, mask-detection, and more.

To make the solution user-friendly, the Social Distancing Radar comes with an analytical dashboard that provides insights such as a live AI-enabled feed and a full history of social distancing violations. This can be filtered based on a daily or monthly basis, or according to a particular data range of choice. It can also detect the exact type of violations that occur, provide additional detail on how social distancing regulations have been contravened in each case, trace affected individuals, and raise an alert if any violation is observed. The collected information can further be used to analyse the nature, frequency, and user traffic. Since SDR is integrated with the existing surveillance system through a live CCTV camera feed, it does not require any modifications to the existing building infrastructure.

Commenting on the effectiveness of this revolutionary system, Ankur Gupta, technical- architect-digital at JK Technosoft said: “Social Distancing Radar is aimed to help businesses reboot their business operations using a monitoring system that guarantees a safe and protected environment through an easy plug and play system that can extract data from sources like CCTV camera feeds to continuously monitor user movements, the number of people present at venues like conference rooms, offices, restaurants, pubs, shop-floor manufacturing areas and more, and raise the alarm where needed.”

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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Scott Challinor
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October 9th 2020, 11:11am

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