“It is good to see some green shoots on the downward slope”: DMR Training and Consultancy MD reacts to government’s Covid-19 lockdown exit plan

Published by Scott Challinor on May 14th 2020, 6:00am

The unveiling of prime minister Boris Johnson’s exit strategy from the UK Covid-19 lockdown has been met with a mixed response this week, with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer saying the initial address raised “as many questions as answers”. However, for one business leader, managing director of DMR Training & Consultancy, Dave Radley, the plan came across as not only a clear route forward, but also the first signs of a new normality beginning to take shape.

Approaching The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland with his views on the government’s new plans, Radley - at the helm of a construction sector training provider - was pleased to see what he described as “green shoots” growing up through the soil while, as prime minister Boris Johnson put it, the country is finding its way down the mountain having passed the peak of coronavirus.

Radley said: “It is good to now see some green shoots as we now find ourselves on the downward slope towards normality, whatever that now looks like. We at DMR Training have remained positive throughout the situation and continued to operate and grow our business.”

For Radley, the period of self-reflection that has come about during the lockdown has enabled the business to switch focus away from its customary workload pre-pandemic, which will help the company thrive in the longer-term.

“This time has allowed us to focus on some areas that we perhaps would not have had the time to in ‘normal’ circumstances, which has only served to see us become a stronger, and more sustainable business. We have had the time to re-group, focus, and manoeuvre into a position where we can ‘come out of the other side’ with greater confidence and a robust structure.”

The clarity of government advice and guidelines throughout the pandemic has been the subject of much debate. However, in Radley’s view, the advice coming direct from government has been clear enough, with other sources offering more distorted perspectives chiefly to blame for the ensuing confusion.

Radley explained: “Personally, I have found all the government advice very useful and clear which has allowed me to comfortably plan ahead with guidance in mind. I have kept abreast of the actual guidance and tried to avoid speculation deriving from many sources which has only muddied the water at a time when clear information is essential.”

In order to avoid the swathes of misinformation out there, Radley highlighted how his first port of call would be the government website and guidance documents.

He said: “I have continued to pay close attention to the documents produced by the government and map across what that means in relationship to my business and indeed my own family. Any doubts I have had following any televised briefings have been settled by reverting to the latest documentation on the government website and I urge more people to make this their first point of contact when they are unsure or need any clarification on guidance.”

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Scott Challinor
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May 14th 2020, 6:00am

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