ISCA, Garrod Beckett and Impact provide boost for students, the self-employed and remote-workers

Published by Leaders Council on October 17th 2020, 1:01pm

An education centre has achieved a 100% success rate for their graduates, a chartered accountants have offered support for the self-employed and an experiential learning and leadership development organisation may have solved the puzzle of remote working.

100% for International School of Creative Arts

ISCA has announced that 100% of its 2020 graduates have gone on to study at art and design universities.

In an incredibly difficult year for both education and the arts, the news provides a huge boost and is testament to the strength of the art portfolios that the students have produced.

The Buckinghamshire-based fully independent education centre was founded in 2009 in association with University of the Arts London (UAL).

Garrod Beckett offers valuable guidance for the self-employed

Barking-based chartered accountants Garrod Beckett have published three recent blogs on their website about the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS). The blogs stress the importance of keeping clear financial records:

‘The latest guidance states you must also keep records to show how your business was adversely affected by COVID-19. These should also be retained for five years. The evidence could include a reduction of turnover (clearly important), any loans received because of COVID-19, dates of causes of the failure to work because you and/or your staff had the virus, and shielding or caring responsibilities.

‘To safeguard your position further, we advise keeping a record of what you expected to happen. For example, if you were expecting cancellations, postponement of work, or a reduction of work from regular clients. The more detail you have the better, should you receive a challenge from HMRC.

‘It may be time-consuming to collect and record all the information you need but it’s worth doing now so you’re prepared. A bit like insurance – it’s not much fun paying the premium but you’ll be glad you did if a problem occurs.’

Impact provides solution for remote team building

As the testimonies on the Leaders Council podcast attest, one of the major problems with working from home is building and maintaining team spirit, and teaching staff new skills.

Without face to face contact, these things are generally much harder than before.

Impact, an organisation founded to help companies adapt to an ever changing environment, may well have found a solution.

Their Inscape Rooms aim to integrate ‘the social, emotional and intellectual dimension’ of an organisation. The rooms engage participants and require them to complete tasks, reflect or engage in discussions.

And in the current environment, it appears more relevant than ever.

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