International Leadership Week 2021 to highlight how pandemic has reinvented leadership thinking

Published by Scott Challinor on November 22nd 2021, 7:07am

This week marks The Institute of Leadership and Management’s annual International Leadership Week, which aims to champion great leadership across the world.

Running from November 22 to November 26, the 2021 edition of International Leadership Week will explore ‘leadership reinvented’ and how the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented change to leadership thinking in just two short years.

As part of the event, high-profile leaders from various businesses, organisations and institutions across the globe will convene to deliver actionable insights and practical advice on how leadership has changed. The week will include thought-provoking discussions, panel discussions and presentations, with the opportunity for audience members to put forward questions to the speakers.

Speaking to The Leaders Council ahead of International Leadership Week was Phil Jones, managing director of Brother UK, a technology solutions supplier that forms part of the multinational Brother Group. Jones believes that the pandemic has brought about a seismic shift within leadership thinking to the point where it can now be said to be underpinned by four major principles, which he refers to as ‘leadership pillars.’

Jones explained: “In today’s world, leadership has shifted to rest upon four key pillars, and we as leaders should be equipping ourselves and increasing our mastery across those pillars.

“The first of these pillars is physical leadership, not necessarily of yourself and of others but more of the physical spaces you design and increasing your understanding of aspects such as neuroscience. Secondly, emotional intelligence. For me, this is the most important part of leadership alongside your skillset and competences. It is upon this that your ability to have emotional connections with people is founded.

“Thirdly, digital. During the pandemic, digital has been forced upon a lot of people, but it has long been said that the C-Suite needs to be more digitally capable. I think leaders now have no choice but to grow their digital skillset, not just within a Zoom or Teams call, but in terms of understanding the wider environment of where Artificial Intelligence is going, Robotic Process Automation, and how you can better use digital systems in your business to be more productive.

“The fourth is the spiritual pillar. This is more difficult to process and understand, but it is linked to existential changes that have happened during Covid and the immense changes people are making in their careers, daily lives, ambitions, homes, and relationships. This pillar is about having the ability to have much deeper and meaningful conversations with people who could well be your top talent, rising stars and high performers. If they are feeling a bit lost or trying to rediscover morale or purpose, you as a leader must navigate them through that personal journey to help keep that talent within your company. In this sense, leaders must also be sensitive to the changing expectations that our people have of us as employers.”

All International Leadership Week events will be available online via webinars, LinkedIn Live discussions and podcasts. More information can be found here.

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November 22nd 2021, 7:07am

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