GK Training Services contribute to 'The Butterfly Project - A symbol of hope'

Published by Rupert Douglas on April 1st 2021, 2:02pm

GK Training Services are a small, friendly and focused independent training provider that delivers courses in key subjects alongside employability skills with elements of customer service and retail. While learners are at the centre they carry out a variety of community projects and are involved in various charity events. They recently got involved in 'The Butterfly Project' run by a local community group. 

The programmes that GK Training Services provide are delivered to students aged between 16 and 24 years old, and each of the courses integrates work experience and embed independent living skills. 

Over the course of the covid-19 outbreak the training centre has continued to support its learners and, when appropriate, have continued to provide a face-to-face learning environment for their vulnerable learners. Alongside remote/distance learning to their disadvantaged pupils that are on mainstream programmes.

GK Training services have contributed to the ‘Leigh Neighbours Big Local’ (LNBL) community project titled ‘The Butterfly Project – A Symbol of Hope’. Naomi Winstanley, SEND Support Tutor, and Jill Cresswell, SEND Tutor, lead the group involved in the display for the centre.

The overall project was spearheaded by local artist Martin Lucas and has seen local businesses, schools and community areas decorated with butterflies. Jan, vice-chair of LNBL said that the butterfly is used as a symbol because ‘we might be cocooned in our houses at the moment, wrapped in layers and not getting out much, but we hope that as Spring arrives we’ll be able to slowly emerge from our chrysalis, unfold our wings and bask in vaccinated sunshine.’’

Hayley Jonson-Tonks, Managing Director of GK Training Services, said that ‘Our SEND class have really enjoyed contributing to the 'Leigh Neighbours' art project. The aim of which is to brighten up the neighbourhood with butterflies as symbols of hope. 🦋 💜Our learners enjoyed colouring and drawing various designs of butterfly and some of them even added some quotations of hope. This helped to motivate them during the current lockdown period. They have enjoyed supporting the local area and adding to the other beautiful displays that are currently displayed around the centre of Leigh.’’