Oncology Imaging Systems launch first QA software for auto segmentation contouring engines

Published by Leaders Council on September 9th 2021, 8:08am

Oncology Imaging Systems has announced the launch of StructSure AI QA, the first QA software designed specifically for auto segmentation contouring engines.

The StructSure application is fast and simple to use, allowing operators to objectively compare anatomical contours – generated by algorithms or humans – to a library of standards.

StructSure can also compare the output of any auto segmentation tool to a standard structure set with a high degree of resolution and accuracy.

The software produces a visualisation of differences, calculates scores and statistics, and generates PDF reports.

Frequent use of StructSure will produce quantitative feedback about how AI auto segmentation models improve over time.

StructSure is available for purchase from Oncology Imaging Systems in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

“Verifying the accuracy of auto segmentation in an objective and rigorous manner is paramount,” said Mike Holroyd, sales manager at Oncology Imaging Systems.

“StructSure is an independent, scientific, comprehensive, and efficient tool to give users confidence moving forward in the age of AI autoseg.”

Founded in 1999 by managing director Steve Imber, Oncology Imaging Systems is an established provider of medical devices centred around cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Specialising in innovative products and solutions used in diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy treatment, and medical physics applications, the firm prides itself on a customer-centric approach and patient-first ethos.

The Oncology Imaging Solutions team always aims to select the very best solutions that allow for a high-quality, patient-focused treatment experience driven by improved clinical outcomes.

It has exclusive partnerships with global brands including Beekley Medical, BioProtect, LAP Laser, NeoMedLight, OPASCA, Qfix, Sensus Healthcare, Scandidos and Standard Imaging.

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