Export minister heaps praise on ICC Solutions

Published by Richard Yarrick-Holmes on October 14th 2020, 1:01pm

Graham Stuart, the minister for exports at the Department for International Trade, has described ICC Solutions as ‘an innovative company [that is] thriving in new markets.’ 

His comments come in response to the news that the Warrington-based secure payments specialists have agreed a huge deal with a major US acquiring bank to implement and safely test payment methods.

The deal, which is viewed by the Department for International Trade as emblematic of the increased working relationships they hope to see between UK and US businesses over the years, is set to increase ICC Solutions’ turnover by 35% over the next five years.

In a climate of ongoing economic difficulty, it is inspiring and uplifting to see a British firm secure such a significant deal. But it is hardly out of character for a firm that, since its foundation in 1996, has continually grown its global reputation and secured agreements with major banks and merchants across the globe.

ICC Solutions’ technology currently allows secure payments to take place in over 100 countries, with exports accounting for 94% of its turnover. The firm was set up by husband and wife David and Wendy Maisey and their steady and significant growth over the past twenty-four years is testament to the kind of success that a British company can achieve.

Stuart was effusive in his praise for the company, stating:

‘It is fantastic to see such an innovative company adapting to the challenges of coronavirus and thriving in new markets. Our new free trade agreements will have a strong modern and digital focus, allowing British technology to thrive across the world in the coming years.’

He then sought to frame the achievement in relation to the ongoing trade discussions between the US and the UK

‘The US is our largest trading partner and we will continue to champion free trade because we know that an agreement between our nations will provide UK exporters with a wealth of new opportunities.

‘The fourth round of UK-US Free Trade Agreement negotiations took place earlier this month, with the exchange of tariff offers between the two nations, highlighting a significant progress and a notable milestone achieved since launching negotiations in May 2020.’

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