DPAA, Comscore and Talon America to collaborate on first ever DOOH upfront

Published by Rhys Taylor-Brown on May 22nd 2022, 6:06am

DPAA, the leading global trade marketing association, has announced plans to partner up with media planner, transactor and evaluator, Comscore, and world leading independent out-of-home [OOH] media specialist, Talon, to host the first ever multi-network digital out-of-home [DOOH] upfront.

Within its plans, DPAA is hoping to showcase one seamless, unwired video network with seven premium digital out-of-home media owners for independent agencies and brands.

The event, which will be open to brand marketers, independent agency professionals, and media buyers, will be streaming live on Tuesday, May 24 at 14:00 EST [19:00 BST].

The list of planned presenters at the event includes Barry Frey, DPAA’s president and CEO; Comscore executive vice-president Gary Warech; Talon America CEO Jim Wilson; Danielle Rind, vice-president for digital solutions at Talon America; Ben Jankowski the former senior vice-president at Global Media and Mastercard; Sean McCaffrey, president and CEO of GSTV; and Blake Sabatinelli, the chief operating officer at AtmosphereTV.

Individuals interesting in accessing the upfront can register their interest here.

DPAA, Talon, and the media owners – Atmosphere, Captivate, GSTV, Reach TV, ScreenVision Media, Simon, and Zoom Media – have formed a unified network, inviting brands, agencies, and media buyers to reimagine how they reach audiences through digital video.

The DOOH upfront will demonstrate new opportunities for advertisers to tap an aggregated, unwired video network with the reach of more than a billion monthly impressions via 350,000-plus total screens.

The event will also showcase the network’s efficiency and effectiveness for advertisers by providing streamlined media buying, audience-based targeting, pricing efficiency, and measurable business outcomes.

Comscore’s role in all of this would be to evaluate the national unwired network of the combined seven media owners. DPAA president and CEO, Barry Frey, believes that full-motion digital out-of-home media is the “new television” and can help bring brands to consumers in more impactful ways.

Frey said: “Full-motion DOOH is the new television. The larger-than-life medium is undeniable in its power to create and deliver a message that forms an emotional connection with the viewer. And this network exists to help marketers simplify the campaign planning and buying process and leverage data-driven insights to reach the right audiences to get the right outcomes via the most impactful screens out there.”

Gary Warech, the executive vice-president of Comscore, added: “With advertiser investment in DOOH expected to increase substantially over the next several years, it is imperative advertisers have access to reliable, cross-channel measurement to successfully execute these campaigns.

“With our planned involvement in this initiative, our mission will be to help marketers achieve their goals with DOOH using our reliable impressions-based currency.”

More broadly, establishing a unified digital out-of-home network is a feat that those behind it hope will resolve an ongoing issue in the video market: fragmented viewing patterns and continued media inflation.

Linear TV was traditionally known for its reach, but fragmentation from cable and streaming platforms has steadily eroded its ability to deliver to a massive audience. This, Frey believes, is where digital out-of-home media can cash in.

He said: “More so than TV, DOOH has an unmatched ability to reach one-to-many at meaningful scale. It has greater brand safety than online video and is unskippable and unblockable. Unlike social, DOOH can be highly targeted without feeling intrusive. And the OOH channel has all the measurement capabilities of digital.”

Jim Wilson, Talon America CEO, commented: “The growth of digital video is fuelling the expansion of OOH as a brand building and performance marketing channel. Not only is it one of the fastest growing and most dynamic mediums, but it’s been transformed by data and digital technologies to deliver more precise and targeted campaigns that drive tangible results for independent agencies and brands.

“We’re bringing together the digital video industry authority and best-in-class media owners to unlock OOH’s value by showcasing a unified approach for reaching outdoor audiences at scale with the outcomes-based performance that matters most to advertisers.”

The media owners will be supported by leading measurement providers that validate impressions and provide detailed campaign reporting. Leveraging Comscore’s capabilities as a nationally recognised media analytics leader would provide consistent impressions rating information across the network for planning as well as the potential for post-buy research to estimate delivery and performance.

Furthermore, Ada, Talon’s own intelligent audience targeting and data management platform, is designed to help advertisers get the most from their OOH campaigns by tapping into bespoke audience segments. Ada generates data-driven insights into real and recent audience behaviors in the physical world, including how people travel, the OOH inventory they are exposed to, and the actions they take as a result of exposure. 

Photo by Tânia Mousinho on Unsplash

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