Constant Power Services aim to be at the forefront of keeping remote learning running through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond

Published by Rhys Taylor-Brown on January 26th 2021, 12:12pm

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for power protection has become even more vital. Such protection is crucial for education institutions in their bid to provide safe online learning for students, amid a wholesale push toward the digital education approach to ensure learning can continue from home and remove the need for pupils to physically mix and risk spreading the disease.

Distance learning is mostly carried out via virtual classrooms. These are online spaces where teachers and pupils communicate, interact and collaborate. These spaces also provide wide-ranging access to relevant learning modules and other educational resources. For educational institutions, teachers and students, maintaining these spaces means that reliance on technology increases, and there is a need to constantly have the right digital tools at one’s disposal. Both the technology and the digital tools require a continuous and quality supply of power if they are to run effectively.

One major requirement in this is a reliable and stable internet connection, but on top of this, remote learning is dependent on an array of electronic equipment, devices and applications. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, scanning and printing devices, and digital classroom applications such as videoconferencing and audio functions are just the tip of the iceberg.

With all of these elements necessary to maintain online learning, power failures may be catastrophic, particularly if they occur during an online exam or test. Furthermore, a loss of power may result in some files being lost or corrupted, rendering them inaccessible. A sudden cut-off of power may also damage some of the devices in use at the time, rendering them useless and requiring further cost to replace.

However, Constant Power Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Riello Electronic Group, has both recommended and developed ways of avoiding such a scenario.

Writing on the company’s website, managing director Kevin Wilson explained that issues associated with power failure can be avoided if educational institutions make use of uninterruptible power supplies [UPS].

Wilson said: "Distance learning depends on reliable electricity. A UPS protects critical devices from major power problems, including total power failure, fluctuations, spikes and dips. Having a UPS allows you to power the devices connected to it so that you can turn them off correctly and safely, completing the most urgent activities that were taking place."

As it turns out, Riello has been developing its own range of UPS devices to help schools and other institutions tackle these issues during this time.

Wilson added: "With our own Riello UPS iPlug and iDialog ranges, schools, students, and teachers can protect themselves in their distance learning activities."

Although thought of as a temporary solution while Covid-19 remains a present danger to life, digital learning is a method which brings about numerous benefits. Online education between teachers and smaller groups can make learning a much more personal experience compared to that which goes on in physical classroom spaces, and they can open new channels and methods of communication between teachers and students which can improve engagement.

With use of online resources poised to comprise more of the UK educational curriculum in future, Wilson explains that Riello UPS will continue its strategy of investing in new technology which will help teachers educate the next generation and those beyond, and prove more environmentally friendly in a world that is more conscious of climate change than ever.

"Riello UPS continuously invests in new technologies to improve the performance and efficiency of its products. The social commitment of Riello UPS aims to help the present and above all positively affect the future, combining the inevitable need for energy with the protection of the environment."

Photo by lucas law on Unsplash

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Rhys Taylor-Brown
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January 26th 2021, 12:12pm

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