Stewart Munro

Stewart Munro

Managing Director


Pentland Medical

Stewart Munro is managing director at Pentland Medical and Innovel Ltd. Pentland supplies unique, patented patient and staff safety products to the UK Healthcare sector. 

Innovel is a company that licenses patented MedTech solutions from hospitals, universities and individuals, and develops, produces and markets the finished products globally. 

Career Overview

Stewart has been at the helm of Pentland Medical since he formed the business in 2001. The company emerged from a four-year long business partnership after Stewart opted to break ties and go it alone. In his leadership of the company, he has ensured it maintains a core focus of providing unique clinical products for the healthcare sector. Its products focus on anaesthesia, operating theatres, critical care, IV therapy, orthopaedics, gastroenterology & radiology. Recent diversification has led to exclusive UK distribution of the world’s first dementia tracking system based on the Internet of Things (IoT), the only product in this field that is registered as a medical device.

Innovel Ltd, one of the companies operating under parent company Pentland Medical Holdings Ltd was largely formed to mitigate the company reliance on a single healthcare market, the NHS and UK private health sector.

 At a period of time where the NHS is focused on headline costs and simply does not have the infrastructure to implement many new technologies, Stewart is moving core business activity away from the UK market to global markets where it can promote its unique solutions more effectively. Innovel and Pentland are also to be involved in The Association of British HealthTech Industries’ US accelerator initiative, where British MedTech is bidding to consolidate its place in the growing US Healthtech market. Innovel is launching two new products in the opening quarter of 2022. 

Pentland Medical is also a proud member of Barema, the Association for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Device Suppliers. The organisation represents over 70 per cent of companies that manufacture or supply anaesthetic and respiratory equipment in or to the UK, enabling the sector as a whole to work with the medical profession and other stakeholders. Stewart and the Pentland Medical business have worked closely with the organisation to maintain excellent communication channels with relevant clinical associations that form a major part of the existing Pentland customer base.

Stewart is an advocate of driving apprenticeships forward to help plug the UK skills shortfall. He believes that apprenticeship careers are a vital component in the industry’s future.

Indeed, Stewart’s own career journey was helped by apprenticeship placements along the way. Having left education at the age of 15, Stewart went travelling for a year and then took up an apprenticeship in Television Engineering where he first became accustomed to the world of Physics and Electronics. This apprenticeship led to a new career in sales and service with a range of world leading photocopying and fax machines.

Stewart then left industry and spent a year at Napier College in Edinburgh on a fast-track ONC Electronics course to broaden his skills, which opened a door for him to take on a role at Lectromed, a British MedTech manufacturer of physiological clinical diagnostic systems and instrumentation for medical research. Lectromed, when trading under its previous incarnation, Devices, had developed the first external heart pacemaker before most of the company was sold off to Johnson and Johnson. 

Starting out as the regional manager for the Lectromed company in Scotland, Stewart would ascend the corporate ladder to become international sales manager before he left to go into business for himself, initially working with partner companies on development of new diagnostic systems for Urology, Urogynaecology and gastroenterology. This led to the creation of Pentland Medical. He continues to head up the business today.

In April 2020, Munro appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of effective leadership and its impact on his career to date.


Stewart left school at the age of 15 with no conspicuous qualifications. He has built his array of skills by completing apprenticeships involving City & Guilds qualifications in Electronics and Television Engineering and an ONC in Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

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