Robin Bayley

Robin Bayley


Robin Bayley

Robin Bayley is a storytelling, communication and leadership coach who runs his own coaching business, under the Robin brand.

Career Overview

Before delving into the world of coaching, Robin’s background was in the media industry having worked for 15 years in advertising and television. It was after his TV and advertising career that he decided to embark on a new pathway and wrote his own book about storytelling which gained international acclaim.

Robin has gained valuable experience of storytelling at literature festivals and events around the world, and has since gone on to coach high-profile personalities, TEDx speakers, campaigners, senior executives and emerging leaders, individually and in workshops, all across the globe. He also co-hosted The Story Party for more than two years, a widely known storytelling event in the UK capital of London.

Robin trained with the renowned Coaches Training Institute in 2015 before establishing Keynote Doctor as his own coaching business. Aside from this, Robin also works at Ginger Leadership Communications as a leadership and communication coach.

In June 2022, Robin appeared on a Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the impact it has had on their career to date.


Robin studied Business and Finance at the University of Huddersfield, and has been educated at the Coaches Training Institute. He is also a qualified teacher of English as a second or foreign language and ESL language instructor.

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