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Nigel Attwood is currently headteacher at Bellfield Junior School, a community-based school in Northfield, Birmingham.

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Helena Marsh, headteacher at Linton Village College in Cambridge.

Nigel Attwood is currently headteacher at Bellfield Junior School, a community-based school in Northfield, Birmingham.

Coming from a working class background, Nigel understands the issues that can develop as a result of living in a deprived area, whilst at the same time understanding the joy  that comes with parenting and all the issues that can surround parenting and relationships. 

Nigel understands that leadership is about working together. Yes, final decisions do need to be made, but with the support and input of your team. Leaders cannot be successful without trust - both ways - and without calm, well-thought out decisions. Just as importantly...knowing when to ask for help!

Career Overview

Nigel Attwood is headteacher at Bellfield Junior School, a role he has held since 2016. Nigel’s previous experience at the school as DHT provided him with insight on the specific elements to continue to develop and those to improve upon.

Having initially not known what he wanted to do as a profession, Nigel went from different jobs - including working in care to being in sales and purchasing - working up to Sales Manager. However, due to personal circumstances, and after a year off work at 24 years old, Nigel decided these were not the professions for him - and he realised that it was teaching he was drawn to. Completing the BA(Hons) Primary Teaching Course whilst working 2 part time jobs, Nigel worked his way through to SLT member, deputy Headteacher and then Headteacher. Along the way, Nigel has successfully been awarded, amongst others,  BTeC Certificate in Business and Finance, Maths Specialist Teacher, now having completed 3/4 of a Masters degree.

Nigel supports other schools (and is supported by other schools) by representing his local collegiate of schools at Birmingham's Primary Forum, SLIC and education well-being groups, and supports the WorthLess? group, looking to ensure fair funding for all our children in education.

In June 2020, Nigel Attwood appeared for the first time on a Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland podcast, discussing the importance of leadership and the role it has played in his career to date, as well as articles on the issues presented in schools.

About Nigel's current role

Bellfield Junior School is a place for children to learn, while having fun and being safe, with 58% disadvantaged, 27% SEND and 32% of our cohort recognised as 'vulnerable'. Our motto is: 'Building the foundations for your child's future - Together', and that's the important bit - together. The school staff pride themselves on being a team, together (whilst retaining our sense of humour!) and with our families and the community. 

Motivating and inspiring the children, both academically and with their ambitions, is at the forefront of the school. Being an active part of the community, children and the school have supported many charities, but now concentrate on supporting families in need in the area and have run community meals over the last few years for the elderly and lonely, with 30-40 children volunteering to prepare, run, serve, clean and and have fun with up to 50 people at a time!

 The challenges of under-funding, reduced services and Covid-19 have been many for all senior leaders of most schools. But this is outweighed by the children wanting to be in our school to learn, to have fun, and to become the active citizens of tomorrow - as well as seeing children's smiles! This is evident through our P4C (Philosophy for Children) and the fact that attendance is at 96.1%, inline with National figures (above in post-lockdown times), and with SEND and disadvantaged well above National levels. Please visit our website: 


Nigel enjoys motor racing, go karting, walking, cycling and time with family and friends.

Further developing leadership skills, fighting for social justice and fair funding in schools and developing social awareness and support in children - how can we shape children to try and alleviate the social issues we have in a global society?


Nigel has met a number of people in his educational career that have shaped his outlook on life and his style of leadership - some of these have been inspirational, and some not so much- but just as important!

Nigel was lucky enough to work in Astwood Bank First School, Redditch, for 7 years, where he worked under headteacher Mrs Chris Rider for 5 of those years. This was a pivotal turning point in his career, due to the fact that Mrs Rider saw the potential in him, moulding the rough edges and partnering him with Miss Judith Moss, a teacher and DHT of 30 years experience. Nigel will always be grateful for the faith, love and support (& patience at times) they gave to him as they both changed Nigel's outlook, perceptions and vision, which support him in many ways now - both in and out of school. 

In turn, he is proud and thankful to be head of a school of such a supportive and hard working staff now in Bellfield Junior School and knows that the support of his DHT, Mrs Claire duToit, and other members of the SLT, is vital in shaping Bellfield to be the school it is now - a family for all.

He is also grateful for the support of his wife, Sarah.

Listen to Nigel Attwood's Leaders Council podcast.

In the News

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