Manyara Muyenziwa

Manyara Muyenziwa

Director, Rhodsac Community Living Ltd

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In Conversation: Manyara Irene Muyenziwa

Manyara Irene Muyenziwa is the nominated individual at Rhodsac Community Living, a service that operates residential care homes and supported living facilities.

Manyara Irene Muyenziwa is the nominated individual at Rhodsac Community Living, a service that operates residential care homes and supported living facilities.

Career Overview

Rhodsac Community Living's aim as a service is to support and encouragement to all its service users across its three care homes and supported living facility.

The organisation is based in Bletchley and Milton Keynes, both easily accessible locations from London. Its three care homes - Rhodsac Care Home, Kimwick Care Home and Manswick Care Home - are all accredited by the CQC as "good" across all five criteria. The Supported Living Service is geared toward providing support and care to adult service users aged 18 and over.

Muyenziwa and Rhodsac operate under a simple philosophy: "Individuals with disabilities have the same rights as any other members of society and will be valued as such". In her role overseeing the development of those that use Rhodsac’s services, Muyenziwa’s mandate is to develop everyone’s talents and help provide them with a keen sense of self-worth which will help them become empowered and fully integrate into their wider community. Her management is also geared toward developing the basic skills of service users, including personal hygiene, washing, dressing, ironing, cooking, ensuring they make the right health choices, and further supporting them by encouraging them to take appropriate training courses, take up employment of voluntary opportunities, and helping them manage their finances.

Muyenziwa and all of her fellow managers and team leaders are equipped with either psychology, neurological or vocational qualifications and possess substantial additional experience in supporting people with a more complex range of needs. Muyenziwa and her leadership team are committed to making investments into the further development of Rhodsac staff, in order to continually respond to the actual and changing needs and wishes of the service users.

In June 2020, Muyenziwa appeared in a Leaders Council podcast discussing leadership and the effect it has had on her career to date.

Listen to Manyara Muyenziwa's Leaders Council podcast.

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