Kevin Browning

Kevin Browning

Managing Director

United Kingdom

Global Tunnelling Experts

Kevin Browning is the Founder and Managing Director of Global Tunnelling Experts, a company which provides specialised construction personnel to a wide range of infrastructure projects across the globe.

Career Overview

Browning was born in the Falkland Islands in 1964. He travelled to the UK with returning British forces after the conclusion of the Falklands War. In 2007, following several years working in the tunnelling industry, he set up Global Tunnelling Experts, which now boasts a proven track record in the sector and an impressive global profile.

The Falklands War and move into the Armed Forces

After leaving school at the age of 14, he began work on a small ship that maintained some of the surrounding 750 islands around the Falklands. During the Falklands War of 1982 sparked by an Argentine invasion of the territory, Browning was held with 130 other people as a prisoner of war until British forces arrived and liberated them.

Following the war, Browning travelled to the UK with returning British forces and enlisted, serving six years in the Armed Forces. 

Move into the tunnelling industry

Following his career in the Army, Browning began working in the tunnelling industry as a labourer and progressed to become a tunnel foreman. In the role, he was responsible for introducing the industry’s first British skilled personnel into Europe, working for a German firm involved in a Dutch project. 

Gaining experience within the recruitment and procurement sector, Browning spent many hours knocking on doors to try to sell skilled labourers to anyone who required them. A major breakthrough came with recognition from German firm Herrenknecht AG, the world leader in tunnelling, who bought into Browning’s ideas and supported them.

Global Tunnelling Experts

Forming his own business Global Tunnelling Experts in 2007, Browning took to travelling around the world to sell its services and support established projects. This activity became a direct driver of the company’s global reputation, and it now boasts subsidiaries in Singapore, Qatar, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK.

Global Tunnelling Experts today works in 54 different countries in support of 120 major infrastructure projects, working with names such as Balfour Beatty, VINCI, Bouygues and Kier BAM, and establishing itself as a market leader in its own right.

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